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Friday, March 18th, 2011

What Rimontgó’s awards mean for its clients

Rimontgo team receiving award in Las VegasRimontgó has recently been awarded ‘Best Overall Website’ at the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World’s global awards ceremony in Las Vegas. The Valencia and Jávea-based firm was already one of the 111 out of a total of over 600 worldwide members that had been nominated by the University of Chicago to receive the organisation’s coveted Website Quality Certification. What’s more, Rimontgó has earned this accreditation in back-to-back years, and this year was shortlisted from hundreds of luxury real estate companies worldwide for the Best Overall Website Award, which it eventually won.

To be the only non-American firm among the list of winners is already quite something, but consider the size of many of the companies Rimontgó was up against and you can see why CEO José Ribes Bas is so proud of his IT team. Add to this the fact that this accolade from one of the world’s top luxury real estate networks is the latest in a string of awards, and it becomes clear that Rimontgó’s efforts to create leading real estate websites are receiving international recognition at the highest level.

What does this mean for Rimontgó’s clients?

“We are a serviBest Overall Website awardces-based company, so all our efforts are aimed at providing the best possible service and making the customer experience an efficient and pleasant one,” says José Ribes. “Property purchasers in the segments that we specialise in are generally well-travelled and well-informed, and they come to us with specific requirements and specific properties already in mind. This means they want value, quality of product and of service, integrity and know-how that gives them full confidence and peace of mind, and no surprises or complications. In other words, they demand a good experience, and we make it our business to tick all those boxes.”

The website is a continuation of the Rimontgó brand, and as such has to fulfil the same criteria that apply to the rest of the company’s operation. “If our clients demand a high-level service in conventional terms this also extends to our websites, so we have invested a great deal of time and effort in providing an equally first-class customer experience on-line.” It starts with the overall presentation and the user-friendly navigation of the many added functions and tools placed at the client’s disposal, but continues with an attractive blog that provides practical information about the surroundings, properties, events, lifestyle and cultural heritage of the many regions that Rimontgó operates in.

Websites designed from the perspective of the user

WQC Leading Real Estate Companies of the WorldThe other factors that websites such as these are judged on and for which Rimontgó has received international recognition are:

  • Customer experience
  • Operating speed
  • Design and content quality
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Interactivity and features
  • Internet lead management

Also scrutinised are the options available to clients, not just to browse and find properties according to a wide range of criteria, but to request information and/or contact the company directly. These range from simple email requests and downloadable property files to online chats and all the conventional modes of communication. At this stage, and perhaps most importantly, the response is impressive both in terms of its speed and the accuracy of the information provided, but it’s never pushy.

“Websites are a modern means of showcasing our vendors’ properties, providing information to potential buyers and communicating with clients, but in spite of this all the old values upon which we have built our business apply, so respect, quality and integrity remain the criteria by which we work online as well as offline. You see, we may be big enough to win international awards, but we’re still small enough to provide a personal service.”

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