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Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Rimontgó, new member of the Valencian Business Confederation (CVE)

Logo of the Valencian Business ConfederationLast month in June the Valencian Business Confederation officialised the status of Rimontgó as a new member of this entity.

The Valencian Business Confederation (CVE – Confederación Empresarial Valenciana), chaired by Salvador Navarro is a provincial level institution whose main objective is the representation and defence of interests of companies located in the province of Valencia.

Salvador Navarro, president of the CVE

CVE was born in 1977 as a fusion of the Valencian Confederation of Businesses entities, Independant Business Group and Valencian Business Group. In its status as a new member of the VBC, Rimontgó enhances its accession to the economic fabric and Valencian business, previously exemplified in its status as a member of Valencian Tourism, its participation on many occasions in the Conexus Foundation’s meetings or the inclusion of their Managing Director, José Ribes, in the list of members of the panel of the Jaume I prizes given by the Generalitat Valenciana.

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