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Friday, April 15th, 2016

Rimontgó, new member of ESADE’s China Europe Club

Rimontgó becoming a part of ESADE's China Europe Club

Last week Rimontgó became incorporated as a new member of ESADE’s China Europe Club. Ivana Casaburi, director of this institution belonging to the prestigious business school settled in Barcelona, visited Rimontgó’s offices in Valencia, making the most out of her visit through this city given the presentation of the latest report of Chinese investment in Spain, a study that China Europe Club produce on a yearly basis. In this edition, as stated by Casaburi during the event celebrated in the Westin hotel, the report puts Spain in the optimum position as the host country receiving Asian investment, out of all the European countries.

During the presentation, Casaburi carried out a review on the history of Chinese investment abroad on a global scale and in Europe, a position which our country has climbed and whose positioning in the foreseeable future regarding Chinese investment is likely to be very beneficial. Equally, Casaburi stated that the setback in the Chinese economy will not be reflected in a decrease of this investment, that will continue to rise, although with notable differences according to the countries. The head of China Europe Club also reviewed the sectors that are directed to Chinese investment, which the real estate boasts a specific weight, and revealed some of Spain’s key visions and its economic and business framework for Chinese companies settled in our country.

José Ribes and Ivana Casaburi

China Europe Club is an organisation of businesses created in the bosom of the prestigious ESADE school, which brings together different Chinese operative companies in Spain and the rest of Europe. Amongst its objectives, it encourages the co-operation between Chinese and European organisations. Rimontgó’s status as a new member of China Europe Club is part of the internationalisation strategy and work focused specifically to this Asian country that our company started various years ago. This direction is also focused on the recent incorporations that strengthen Rimontgó’s Investment department; an executive position with more than fifteen years of professional experience in China and a specialised lawyer in the management, with investors belonging from this Asian country.

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