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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Rimontgó’s Top Ten blogs make interesting reading

The development of the internet has had a profound effect on almost all of us, with search engines such as Google and Yahoo allowing us instantly to access information on any topic that captures our imagination, however obscure.

While this has undoubtedly helped to make the lives of individuals more interesting, the changes wrought by constant connection to the World Wide Web have had an even more profound effect on companies’ marketing strategies.

Now that the various ‘spiders’ and data analysis gizmos used by the major search engines have the ability to scan every page for SEO content and the most humble business is able to discover exactly how many visitors each page of its site has received, it is easy to find our readers’ favourite subjects.

Recently Rimontgó compiled its Top Ten Reality Sense blogs and it made fascinating reading. The most obvious conclusion that we could reach was that our visitors are a discerning bunch who have a taste for the good life and like to enjoy themselves!

The most visited blog of all was our report of the new Paramount Studios theme park that will open in Murcia, closely followed by the report of the appearance on the property market of Gray Craig, Nicolas Cage’s beautiful estate on Rhode Island.

The rest of the Top Ten is taken up with fine wines, fabulous restaurants, great hotels and art and antiques. With this knowledge we hope to be able to provide you with more features on your favourite subjects very soon.

Here is the Reality Sense Top Ten in full – if you haven’t already read all of these blogs just follow the links to our bestsellers:

  1. 1. Paramount Studios theme park to open in Murcia
  2. 2. Gray Craig: Property of distinction
  3. 3. Giorgetti – When architects design furniture
  4. 4. The world’s most expensive wine: consume with care!
  5. 5. Picasso ceramics to be auctioned at Christie’s
  6. 6. Most exclusive restaurant in Paris…until next year
  7. 7. The Big Sleep: lots of style for much less money
  8. 8. What Rimontgó’s awards mean to its clients
  9. 9. Afterdark – tiles that light up
  10. 10. Félix Candela, the poet of concrete


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