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Friday, November 28th, 2014

Chinese investors travel to Spain to examine first hand investment proposals presented by Rimontgó

José Ribes with the Chinese investorsJosé Ribes, chief executive officer of Rimontgó, recently received a group of Chinese citizens in Madrid looking to invest in the Spanish economy. The group arrived in Spain with the intention of inspecting first hand a portfolio of investment opportunities presented to them prior to their arrival by Rimontgó, a company with extensive international experience in the high end real estate sector as well as investments of a commercial nature. Ribes travelled with the investors to different regions of Spain acquainting them with a variety of potential investments.

The group of investors begun their tour in Madrid on the 19th November, then travelled to the Ribera del Duero region on Friday 21st, followed by Madrid and Ocaña on Saturday 22nd, Jávea and Dénia on Sunday 23rd, Valencia on Monday 24th and finally La Rioja on Tuesday 25th.

From the tour it is clear that the Chinese plan on investing first and foremost in establishments belonging to the high end tourism sector but also in internationally recognized companies relating to the wine making industry. In addition, two specific projects attracted a great deal of interest from the investor group; one agritourism project involving Spanish products of excellent quality, such as iberico ham and olive oil and the other a real estate project related to the hotel industry on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante.

Luxury PropertyThe projects which receive the most interest from the Chinese investors all share the same specific characteristics including competitive prices within their section of the market, unique natural settings, extraordinary locations and high quality materials as well as finishing touches. In the case of functioning businesses, a significant profitability and a promising growth trajectory is another key factor. However, Rimontgó has noted that whatever the proposed investment, before presenting the investment option to the client, it is extremely important to analyse the proposal and ensure it matches the investors desires. The objective is thus to only present completely personalized investment projects which are distinguishable from other more generic proposals.

Rimontgó, a company with its roots in Valencia and Jávea, recognizes that this process of filtering the assets, together with an excellent presentation and a rigorous professionalization, are three of the most important factors when broadening the company’s area of activity. The firm has come along way from the commercialisation of luxury residential properties limited to the Valencian Community, and now has a great deal of influence in other regions of Spain including Madrid, Barcelona, Requena, La Rioja and the Ribera del Duero, where as confirmed by José Ribes, CEO of Rimontgó, ‘the management of the sale of wineries is done by a new team of individuals focussed exclusively on this sector’.

Investment in vineyardsThe visit of the investors took place due largely to the excellent work carried out by Rimontgó in China in the last few years, whereby representatives have worked on forming mutually beneficial agreements with large investors already established in the Asian country. On a final note, it is also worth pointing out that Chinese investment has begun to arrive in Spain in other forms sanctioned by the Support Law for Entrepreneurs, for example investments in business projects of general interest. In these cases, Rimontgó has had a key role in the granting of two of the first visas of this type in our country to two Chinese investors, issued by the Spanish Consulate in Beijing.

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