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Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Rimontgó organises a trip to Silicon Valley for students of EDEM’s 15×15 course

The participants will visit different businesses, such as Google and HP, to get to know their successful practices, learning about the international market and establishing future contacts


The students of the Business School 15×15 Edem Course, that is imparted in The Marina of Valencia, will travel to Silicon Valley this week in a corporate mission that has been organised by the real estate company Rimontgó  and the Human Capital Management company, Bo Growth. The reason for this trip, which will happen from the 9th to the 13th April, is to know which of the practices have led to the success of many businesses situated in this United States area.

The 15×15 Course has been being held since the year 2006 and has established itself as a referent in the training of high-level businessmen within the field of commercial strategy.  Different members of Rimontgó’s Board have taken part in such courses throughout the twelve editions so far, a connection that has ended up motivating the organisation of the trip, for the first time this year.

The task will offer participants the opportunity to listen to leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship, to learn about the way businesses work in this ecosystem and in the United States in general, as well as establishing contacts that can help participants in the future.  For this, a programme of visits to emblematic businesses and startups has been elaborated such as Google, Apple, HP, SalesForce, Instacart and Campari as well as spaces such as Plug and Play Tech Center and the University of Standford in order to discover the trends in different sectors.


Within the scheduled agenda the invitation is emphasised, conducted by Enrique Lores, chairman of HP and professor in the 15×15 programme, its facilities in Palo Alto, as well as the support and accompaniment of the Chamber of Commerce in Spain in California.  As additional activities, they will get to know all about innovation and they will also work on things to do with networking.

In the initiative the representatives of the organising companies will also actively participate: Antonio Ribes, director at Rimontgó, and Isabel Bonilla, CEO of Bo Growth.  In this way, three powerful Valencian firms – the 15×15 of EDEM, BO Growth and Rimontgó – keep working to position the city in the international business scene.




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