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Monday, October 31st, 2011

Rimontgó wins again!

Antonio Ribes Bas recieving Luxury Real Estate awardA few weeks ago we announced that Rimontgó had been nominated for this year’s Luxury Real Estate awards. Well, the company has come away with the 2011 award for ‘Best Website Innovation’, signalling that when it comes to the quality of its website presentation, information and usability, Rimontgó continues to be an innovator in its industry.

The prize, which was received by Antonio Ribes Bas at the 16th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference at Grand Del Mar, San Diego, California, on 11th October, focuses not just on the existing standard of a company’s website, but more specifically on the level of continued development, updating and innovation. Online marketing is a rapidly evolving field, both in terms of the software and the marketing techniques, and the panel that assesses the potential winners measures them against the highest standards internationally.

“After all, they have hundreds of leading companies from around the world to choose from,” says Nacho Artagoitia, who heads up Rimontgó’s IT development. “I’m especially proud of winning an award that recognises innovation, and proud that our team continues to produce work of this standard.”

Having won before in different categories, it is very hard to be selected again, but the IT team at Rimontgó, working in close collaboration with the firm’s marketing department, has once again stood out from the rest with the ongoing development and innovation of its multi-language websites.

The adjudicators from Luxury Real Estate were particularly impressed with Rimontgó’s latest innovations in multi-language approach, multilingual blogging, site speed, user interactivity, new powerful search features, mapping, lifestyle selections, videos, internal CMS, usability and user engagement, as well as SEO-effectiveness and mobile-adapted formats. What’s more, the Rimontgó team produces everything in-house, designed especially around the needs of the company and its clients, and the desire to produce optimal results. The latest award may be one of many accolades the Jávea and Valencia-based luxury real estate specialists have received over the years, but it is certainly one of the most-treasured of all.

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