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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Risking to succeed with the customer

A good real estate agent knows how to listen to and understand what a homebuyer is looking for, even if they have to make an adventurous suggestion to do so

The client who is determined to buy a property has a series of needs, and it is the real estate agent’s obligation to listen carefully, and then offer the best advice. When you know the person, just as you know the market, you can connect the two pieces in a better way. In Rimontgó we are defenders of the painstaking process and the meticulous work, which in most cases allow us to aim with precision when offering a property.

As an example, we have a case that happened at the beginning of this summer, where we got it right the first time and with an unconventional suggestion. A good understanding of the client’s needs was the key to the success of this deal, which was quickly resolved. We are talking about a young businessman, married  and with three children, looking for a family home. The client had been probing the market for months and was about to buy a property on the beachfront. After listening to his needs, our agents decided to arrange a visit to a very special villa.

The house was far from the sea, as it was located in the residential complex of Campolivar (Godella), but we felt that he property met many of his requirements. The location was also favourable, as it was close to the school where the children study and the company where the father works. It was an highly sophisticated property, with a high degree of privacy and a large garden for the whole family, where the pool stood out. It offered the necessary space to spend long periods at home and watch the children grow up, combining tranquillity with leisure.

Feeling that you will be happy, being able to imagine your future life in a home, is essential in the buying process, and so it was in this case. The client, his wife and two of their children were amazed when entering to the house and were able to project themselves living there, as Rimontgó had suggested. As the property was in almost perfect condition, very few adaptations were needed to fit in with his lifestyle. That is how they ended up relegating the idea of the beach to buy an apartment in the future. Ten days later, the house was theirs.

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