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Friday, July 1st, 2011

Beauty in pure form

Riva BoatsWhere Rolls Royce is synonymous with the sumptuous luxury of a limousine and Ferrari is the sports car against which all others are measured, so Riva represents beauty and elegance on the waves.

What is it that makes the Italians so creative, so knowing of shape and dimension, and ultimately so masterful in hewing beautiful form from mere inspiration? Whatever the secret, the creative geniuses of Turin and Milan have long since been able to transform concept into material form with apparently simple strokes on the drawing board.

But the alchemy does not end here. Just as master designers have given shape to the most beautiful cars, bikes and boats, so their compatriot engineers have provided the heart and soul that fills road and waterway alike with the sonorous timbre and speed of a mechanical beast.

If the Ferrari is a prancing horse, and the Lamborghini a raging bull, then the Riva has all the elegance of a dolphin speeding through the water. Sleek and handsome, gorgeously crafted and beautifully finished, Riva boats represent the very best in good taste.

Carpentry and engineering

Riva BoatsAs is often the case with legendary Italian marques, the story begins with the zeal, passion and above all the towering talent of a solitary man. It was in 1842 that Pietro Riva started his boatyard on Lake Iseo. A carpenter by training, he created boats that were so exquisitely crafted that he had made an international reputation for himself by the time his son Ernesto first began to motorise their floating limousines in 1880.

With the Italian love for speed and mechanical tinkering it wouldn’t take long before Riva speedboats had the performance to match their looks. Amid all this, the engines were refined and perfected over the years, the designs adapted to the times and the comforts and amenities doubled, then tripled, yet wood has always remained a defining element of any true Riva.

True classics

Riva BoatsIt is an overused word, but Rivas are certainly classics in the true sense of the word. While the market has demanded ever bigger, more luxurious and comfortable Riva models, some of which feature stateof- the-art design and all of which sport the latest technology, the ultimate Riva icon remains the Aquarama first seen in the 1960s.

An immediate classic, this gorgeous, sleek, wooden-decked apparition has since become an inseparable part of the elegance of Portofino, Lago di Como and Venice – and quite the thing to be seen in if you’re in Monaco, Porto Cervo or Saint Tropez as well. For true style and elegance there simply isn’t an alternative.

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