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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Sa Era, the house that embellishes the Tramuntana

Here you will find a property that benefits from the land where it is settled, and which contributes to improving the setting of the Sierra Tramuntana, with unique views of the Mediterranean sea.

Some houses are integrated into the naturalness of the landscape; others become their own landscape. Sa Era forms part of the land on which it is situated; it emerges from the mountains with great beauty, and is left to care for by the sun and the Mediterranean sea.  Situated barely 30 minutes from Palma de Mallorca, its gardens respect the ruggedness and the vegetation of the Sierra Tramuntana, a mountain range so appreciated that it was declared World Heritage by UNESCO.  Twilight reaches another meaning in the garden of the property, thanks to the privileged view from the terrace and the peacefulness that is transmitted from the pool, surrounded by cypresses, bougainvillea, rosemary and lavender, and even olive trees that gift visitors with the pleasure of tasting the olive oil that they produce.

Sa is a grammatical article that is used in the Balearics and is applied to particular houses, especially if they have a personality as noticeable as the one discussed here, with such unique charm both in its interior and its exterior. The plot expands 39,000m2, with spacious vegetation areas that are also in optimum condition thanks to their excellent maintenance.  As the temperatures in Mallorca are light throughout the whole year, you can spend pleasant mornings lying in the garden and long afternoons bathing in the pool.  It also boasts an interior patio where the stone and the vegetation are still the main focus to make the time in the open air enjoyable.

In regards to the sleeping quarters, the upper floor comprises a total of four bedrooms, each equipped with an en-suite bathroom. As for the basement, it has a private master suite with a bathroom and access to the upper terrace.  This is not the only space to relax on this level, as you also have a very special spa zone, with a sauna, a bathtub and a shower to choose from in line with your preferred method of relaxation.  On this same floor is a guest apartment with a living room, a kitchen and dining area, as well as a bedroom, a bathroom, a guest toilet and a laundry area.  All these commodities that residents and lodgers can have, provide moments of privacy and tranquility inside the house.

Sa Era is a unique place to enjoy the most simple of pleasures, such as nature and relaxation, but also the good food and the best drink. The Balearic Islands are a rich spot with high levels of gastronomy and wine culture, where they have a large variety of designations of origin.  Although this estate provides olive trees that produce their own olive oil, thanks to its unique space, it also devotes itself to the pleasures of the grape.  This refers to the private wine cellar, with wooden doors and windows, whose interior can stack hundreds of models and where you can carry out sample tastings amongst friends.  Just another reason to devote yourself to such a special house, of rare find, and that also adorns the land on which it lays.


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