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Thursday, October 5th, 2017

German Bordils, when oil is converted into art

There are not many estates in Spain with an olive grove like the one in Heredad del Campillo, which seasonal oil is presented in a bottle inspired by Anzo

Visitors of the Bordils estate

A good oil able to excite the most demanding palates, is one which may have tried the haute cuisine, but that can still recognise the exceptional nature of the humble product. The olive oil produced by Germán Bordils is one of the best of the Valencian Community and the most of Spain. It has a diligent process of elaboration, in an estate on the banks of the Regajo reservoir, in an orographical setting ideal for the cultivation of olives, which enhances a unique flavor. It is also well known for its presentation, with an accurate aesthetics, inspired by the artwork of José Iranzo Amonazid, better known as ‘Anzo’. It is worth mentioning that the wife of Bordils, Amparo Iranzo, is the daughter of the artist and the driving force of the Foundation in his honor.

Tasting of Bordils oilsThis week the celebration party of the virgin olive oil, produced by Bordils in Jérica (Castellón), took place in his estate, Heredad del Campillo, with 120 hectares of extension, where numerous personalities from the Valencian society attended. There were representatives from the gastronomic world, culture and different businessmen, of which Rimontgó could not be left out as it is the main Valencian company in the luxury real estate sector. Throughout the day they served different oil tastings accompanied with breads, Bulgarian cheeses and Iberian ham. There was also time for art, through the performance of an opera singer, but mostly, though the paintings of Anzo displayed in all the rooms of the house.

Book of the exhibition of Anzo in the IVAM

Specifically the paintings belong to the Isolation period of the artist, between 1967 and 1985. During the same period, Anzo focused on the “lack of communication between individuals”, and he started using oil painting and progressively started to use metallic and mechanical pieces, and also integrated circuits built around the character. This era is possibly the most representative of his work and of the one in which he found himself most comfortable creating. The exhibition that houses the IVAM around his figure, takes this period as an object of study which was barely recognised in the museums until the Foundation started to develop its activity in 2003. The exhibition was inaugurated in June and can be visited until the 5th of November.

Going back to Bordils, his skills with oil converted him into an expert within the field. He focuses on the farming of the Arbosana and Arbequina varieties of oil, his olive trees produce 600 tons of crops a year, which give a mild intensity extra virgin olive oil as a result with a floral aroma. In fact, it is commonly used by some of the best chefs of Spain. Apart from that, part of the success can be attributed to Heredad del Campillo, a magnificent rustic estate, next to the Regajo reservoir, of which sale is managed by Rimontgó for just over 3 million euros. It is a large country house, with olive and almond trees, which has an annex and a reservoir bordering a protected forest.

Bordils bottle inspired by AnzoThe estate, dating back to the sixteenth century, was passed from the Church to the Aristocracy, going through numerous renovations and ending up converted into two majestic properties . It was acquired by Germán Bordils in 1999, who transformed the previous crops of plums and almonds into an exemplary plantation with over 100,000 olive trees. Currently, it is Germán Bordils’ son who manages the agricultural exploitation. In addition every autumn, during the first day of the olive harvest, a Party Selection is held between friends to show the crops, visit the facilities and enjoy a lunch, the whole day being centered around oil.

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