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Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Solidarity goes beyond the Christmas season

Valencian businessmen meet once again in aid of Casa Caridad to show all citizens that solidarity does not come to an end after Christmas


Doing business and social responsibilities are not contrary to each other. This is the message that #SaborEmpresarial wants to transmit, an initiative that, occasionally, gathers dozens of Valencian businessmen in order to analyse new business opportunities and, that this time is celebrated with a fundraising dinner. The raise funds will be allocated to the NGO Casa Caridad (Charity House).

The event will be held on Friday February the 2nd at the terrace of Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace. From 20 pm to 1am a charity cocktail party will take place for those who want to take part. It is the perfect occasion, not only as a networking opportunity but for the firms to defend their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a growing value increasingly present in the company’s strategic plans and also in citizens’ awareness.

Casa Caridad (Charity House)

It is no coincidence that Asociación Valenciana de Caridad, better known as Casa Caridad, has been choosen  as the beneficiary.  It is a non-profit, private and independent institution, pioneering in meeting the needs of the most disadvantaged. All of that free from any political or religious connotations and recognized as a public utility by the Spanish Cabinet. The Charity House hosts four public centers and more than 300 volunteers in the city of Valencia.

Solidarity is not only a necessary value during Christmas but all year-round, considering that there are people in need of refuge and food. This is the sixth occasion that #Saborempresarial gather all the firms that want to show that their task do not remain indifferent to social problems. This is about going beyond a fundraising dinner; the time has come to get things done with awareness even in the business world.

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