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Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Successful International Cooperation: Rimontgó opens EREN’s doors to Asia

Golden throneEREN is a European luxury real estate network linked to similar organisations around the world. Rimontgó’s directors recently travelled to China to lay the groundwork to establish new contacts and to open a new market for its members.

Meaningful relationships are not built overnight. Indeed, they need to be cultivated carefully, allowing time for both parties to become acquainted and trust to be established. Antonio and José Ribes Bas of Inmobiliaria Rimontgó embarked upon this process in 2011 with an explorative visit to Hong Kong and mainland China.

A bridge to Europe

These first visits proved fruitful, and as a result a bridge of dialogue and exchange of information and ideas was created between East and West. In the process, Rimontgó was developing a greater understanding of China and how the country operates, while in turn providing information about Spain and Europe, and how their real estate markets could be of interest to Chinese investors.

The latter, who are known to be interested in commercial real estate, as well as assets such as wineries and vineyards, saw new doors open to them too. This interaction culminated in a delegation from Rimontgó being invited to the highly exclusive Chang An Club in Beijing wich formed the elegant backdrop for events where Rimontgó was introduced to many of the region’s top businessmen and company owners.

Elegant Reception roomGreat interest was expressed in Spain and Europe in general, followed by several fact-finding trips to Spain, where José and Antonio were able to return the hospitality they had enjoyed in China. Amid relationships that continue to grow in depth and intensity, teams from Rimontgó continue to visit the Far East on a regular basis, opening a potentially significant market not just to themselves but also to members of EREN in general.

Chinese buyers are not likely to replace European ones as the main market for luxury residential city and resort homes,” says José Ribes, “but they are important commercial investors and also feature prominently at the top end of a market that is growing more global all the time. We are very pleased with the people we have met and the contacts we have made, and look forward to a long-standing relationship with our Chinese business partners and friends.

This article was published in Villae International Magazine 9, the official magazine of EREN – The European Real Estate Network. You can also read the online version of the printed Villae International Magazine 9.

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