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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Successful International Cooperation: the fruits of working together

ERENEREN professional websites promoting luxury real estate in five languages perform ever better, year after year, and consolidate a dominant position within the international market.

The philosophy behind the founding of EREN was to create an organisation that brought together the leading luxury real estate agents in Europe, so that we could work together, exchange knowledge and ideas, and encourage one another to achieve new heights of success as measured in terms of service, professionalism, marketing strength and business results.

As the organisation matured and settled into its role it has begun to show its benefits in all these respects, with communication, trust and shared values at the heart of an increase in business interaction between our various offices, be they in Milan, Vienna or London. We are independent companies, but we work closely together and have created highly streamlined and efficient ways of exchanging information between ourselves and dealing with international enquiries in a way that is increasingly bringing buyers and sellers from highly diverse geographical locations together to conclude a mutually beneficial property transaction.

Some examples that are a direct result of this trend are displayed in the coming pages. We hope you will enjoy this issue’s captivating stories.


View over the lakeA successful international collaboration in caring for property inheritance within the EREN network. In 2013, a Swiss family contracted EREN member Walde & Partner to assist them in organizing and liquidating some of their various international luxury residencies.

Walde & Partner valuated their ca. CHF 8 Million, 350 m2 lakeside Zürich residence in order to sell it on the international luxury market, and further contacted Berlin-based EREN member Berlin Capital Investments to help sort out their property there.

Their elegantly-fitted flat, at over 200 m2 with concierge and located in Charlottenburg, a high-class borough of the German capital city, was quickly sold by Berlin Capital Investments for € 1 Million. With the aide of its vast network of international real estate buyers, Berlin Capital Investments was able to swiftly source an affluent Chinese family from Hong Kong who wished to purchase a luxury home for their daughter in Berlin.

During the reorganization of their assets, the family purchased an apartment in the Swiss residential development “Peninsula”, a high-luxury living project executed by the Peach Property Group, one of EREN’s European development partners.

This article was published in Villae International Magazine 9, the official magazine of EREN – The European Real Estate Network. You can also read the online version of the printed Villae International Magazine 9.

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