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Friday, July 27th, 2018

The successful rentals of Serranos 10

The housing development managed by Rimontgó in the heart of the El Carmen neighbourhood has awaken great interest and has already achieved to rent practically all the properties

These properties are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Located in a historical building, whose façade is protected, the Serranos 10 housing development retains classic elements combined with the latest finishing. We are talking about the hydraulic mosaic floors or the restored staircase itself that connects all the apartments. At the same time, every property has been completely refurbished with high quality materials and technology in order to be more efficient. For all these reasons, together with its excellent location, in the centre of the El Carmen neighbourhood, almost all the apartments have already been rented.

Rimontgó has taken on the role of intermediary between the owner and the clients. Our company, leader in the luxury real estate sector in the Valencian Community, is not specialized in rentals, but we like to commit ourselves to the projects that we consider special and that contribute to make the city of Valencia better. We have been involved with this building for about a year now, where there are only two properties left to rent. The rest has been completed and there is now a very reliable community of residents, most of which have signed a long-term contract and enjoy an unbeatable quality of life.

Success is the result of a job well done from the very beginning, when an ambitious renovation was undertaken to ensure that the properties were in the best possible condition. These apartments boast high-quality materials and impeccable finishings such as an armoured door, textile-coated wardrobes and porcelain flooring. The kitchen is borne by the famous Hettich firm, with details such as the invisible Nory extractor hood, and the fittings from the Tres brand. It is a sustainable building, which in the long run saves money for the residents, thanks to solar panels and aerothermal heaters.

All these facilities contribute to make life better for its inhabitants. This is undoubtedly the greatest motivation for a company like Rimontgó, which not only accompanies the client during the deal, but also establishes a personal relationship and is concerned about helping them feel comfortable in their new home. We hope to accompany the last tenants to complete a project as exciting as this building.

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