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Monday, August 7th, 2017

Summer in Valencia: 12 plans in 24 hours

If you are obligated to spend the month of August in the city, you have nothing to fear. This city allows you to enjoy throughout the year, any time of the day.

Porta de la Mar

Although the high temperatures hang over Valencia, the stifling sensation does not cripple the heartbeat of the city. A destination that entertains throughout the year, we are on the coast or inland, no matter what we take a chance on culture or festivities, weather you are an early bird or a night owl. A big city with unlimited possibilities, where anyone would wish to live. Thereunder we propose 12 possibilities, but there are 12,000 more, in order to enjoy an action packed day during the summer period and bath in all the things that Valencia has to offer.

Morning walk through the Central Market. This is one of the most emblematic modernist buildings in the big city, but also one of the largest active markets in Europe. It is worthwhile getting up early to have breakfast in one of these bars, when the merchandise has just arrived.

Tour through the museums. The classic art gallery is San Pío V, in front of the most modern centres IVAM and MUVIM. Other options are the National Ceramic Museum, in the Baroque Palace of Marqués de Dos Aguas; the Museo de la Seda and the Museo Fallero.

Get to know El Cabanyal. Located in the Poblados Marítimos district, the area has experienced a new lease of life through a period of local reactivation. The diverse cultural efforts have reclaimed the value of the fisherman’s houses and refreshed gastronomy that specializes in seafood cuisine.

Practice nautical activities. Along the beaches of Patacona, Malvarrosa and Las Arenas, but especially on arrival to the Marina of Valencia, there are different sports companies that encourage you to try rowing, surfing, diving, sailing and many other disciplines.

Malvarrosa Beach

Paella, best served in a Alquería. The classic buildings from Horta of Valencia, but a lot of them have been restored for catering purposes. Although like l’Alqueria del Pi or El Brosquil they are perfect for savouring the Valencian rice recipes.

Lie back in the park. The great lung of Valencia is the old Turia River Bed, where Cabecera Park boasts splendid views over the lake. Other traditional enclaves with impressive vegetation are the Viveros, the Botanic Gardens and the Monforte Garden.

Special program in la Ciutat de les Arts I Ciències. The architectural complex experiences a high point with La Nit del Museo monologs and the dolphin spectacle of La Nit de I’Oceanográfic, additionally the visual spectacle at night in the I’Hemisféric.

An afternoon in La Más Bonita beach bar. A patisserie that has managed to make a gap in the Valencian scene with regards to their two establishments, one in Ruzafa and the other on the Patacona Beach, where the cakes and juices are served right on the sand.

Barrio del Carmen (Valencia)

A boat trip through I’Albufera. There is nothing like seeing the sun set whilst cruising through this freshwater lagoon, it is the most important in the Peninsula, and is located in the Natural Park. Numerous companies are also allowed to contract tours with an offer of supper included.

Horchata with fartons in Daniel. The locality of Alboraya maintains an intense romance with the tiger nut plant, so any of these ice-cream shops are an excellent option, but Daniel is possibly the most emblematic. When night falls, the terrace is packed.

Cinema ‘al fresco’. From the projections that are organised on different beaches (Valencia, Sagunto, Alboraya) to the main rooftops (Lumiere terrace, Flumen Theater) or the traditional Rialto Theater. Another classic is the Autocine Star de Pinedo.

The party at the Marina. If during the year the leisure areas are excellent such as El Carmen and Ruzafa, in summer the city turns to the beach. You only have to go to the pubs of the Paseo Neptuno, the Veles and Vents building or the popular Marina Beach Club.

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