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Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Technology and sustainability: the two top priorities for the future buyer

In the latest edition of Luxury Portfolio International Magazine, they featured some figures from our associated partners, Luxury Portfolio’s study “Global Luxury Real Estate Report”
. Those that were polled shared the same profile, all of them distinguished by their economic flexibility and their ability to buy luxury homes as a source of investment potential. Here are a few of the most common trends:

– Strong appreciation of art.
– Aware of the luxury price tag and willing to pay what is necessary for their perfect property.
– Willing to pay what is necessary for the best service.

Using the information gathered from this report, real estate companies will be able to offer a wider selection of filtered properties taking security and privacy into consideration. These two features are included in the group of survey respondents most frequently searched characteristics when looking for their new home. Below, we detail these characteristics and the percentage of clients that requested them:

– Private (61%).
– Large en suite master bedroom (60%).
– Eco-friendly design and energy efficient (56%).
– Top of the range kitchen appliances (55%).
– Bedroom with large adjacent dressing rooms (54%).
– Outdoor patio (50%).
– Open plan layout (50%).
– Open plan kitchen/living room (45%).
– Large plot (45%).
– Proximity to amenities (44%).

It is important to highlight that sustainability was one of the most popular characteristics requested by the survey respondents (70% described it as a fundamental factor), demonstrated in their peaked interest in energy efficiency certificates, presence of solar panels and boilers.

58% of those surveyed stated that they put a great deal of importance on the smart home element, which includes security features such as being able to view inside your home or control the security system from an electronic device. Smart home technology also allows you to open and close doors, operate the heating, air conditioning, lighting and blinds via mobile devices. Ultimately, the last highly sought-after aspect in a future home was the inclusion of entertainment-specific technology, particularly home cinemas , multimedia centres and IMAX home cinemas.

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