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Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The modern ‘pagoda’ of Valencia

Valencia's PagodaUPDATE:

Now you can make an online visit to one of the properties in this amazing building. This apartment in Valencia’s iconic Pagoda building is offered for sale through Rimontgó.


Secretly most architects aspire to create a new icon every time they design a grand modern building, yet only a handful of office towers, conference centres and public edifices ever achieve that status. The precise ingredients that make something a landmark and icon of a city or region remain as mysterious as the laws that govern perfect symmetry and aesthetics. Ask famous architects such as Santiago Calatrava (Valencia), Frank Gehry (Bilbao) or Richard Rodgers and Renzo Piano (Paris) exactly why their creations have been so enthusiastically embraced by the public and they will be the first to admit it’s a mysterious thing.

Rimontgó is proud to present exclusive properties within just such a building – the exclusive Torre de Ripalda situated in one of the finest addresses in Valencia. Constructed long before modern architecture and tall buildings were a common thing in Spain, the Torre de Ripalda has become a true landmark in the city. Perhaps it’s the fact that this was the first major modern high-rise building in Valencia, but over the years this stylish block of luxurious apartments has become associated with modern city lifestyle and sophistication – its irregular forms earning it the nickname ‘La Pagoda’.

Pagoda detailLocated in a fashionable part of town it is exactly the irregular shape of the building that breaks down the volumes usually associated with structures of this kind and makes it the kind of living environment that has become so sought after among the city’s professional classes. Naturally, the quality of finish, features and styling have everything to do with this, and together with the Pagoda’s prime position and such features as 24-hour concierge and security they contribute to it being a favoured city abode for those who spend their weekdays in town and weekends in the country.

Position-wise this is one of the best spots in the city, with fine monuments, good shopping, dining and cultural life emanating from a series of avenues that are themselves surrounded by the greenery of parks. The Pagoda enjoys fine views over the old river bed with its collection of parks: the Jardin Los Viveros, Jardines del Turia, Jardines de Monforte and the elegant tree-lined Alameda, where pedestrians stroll casually in the midst of the city bustle in a setting once occupied by Moorish citadels, Baroque palaces and private gardens. Today, the Torre de Ripalda continues this line as a modern reincarnation of the old Palacio de Ripalda, still a reference of luxury city living in Valencia and exactly the kind of property that Rimontgó specialises in. The company therefore takes great pride in offering luxurious apartments within this landmark of Valencia real estate.

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