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Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Things home automation can do for you

Turn on the light, set the alarm system and open the blinds, without having to lift a finger. Discover the advantages of automating the tasks of your house

Domo control panel

Home automation is no longer science fiction, it has now integrated into part of the real estate everyday service. Many homes incorporate an ultra-modern technological system to provide comfortable day to day functionality. Since its emergence in the 70’s, the daily routines, that are the focus of the home automation, have not stopped growing. Because, although the first appliances allowed you to control the temperature or  set the timer for the electrical domestic appliances, now they are capable to collect and analyse the consumption data, operate the security alarms or open the blinds when the first of the sun’s rays are detected.

Intelligent systems can be centralised, which means that they depend upon an intelligent base unit, or, decentralised, in a way that a computer allows the programming of each element in an independent way.  With regard to the centralized systems, this is the centre of the technical communication, where the heart beats and where cables and sensors will depend on the day to day life. While the decentralized system, will have autonomous microprocessors that the user will be in charge of coordinating. In the end it is the owner who decides how to live in the house, installing basic equipment, which can be completed with consecutive steps and customized to their taste.

This is precisely what Rimontgó will do, it will install basic equipment, that is able to control the air conditioning and heating consumption, into the new building that they are planning to build on calle Almirante Cadarso 33 in Valencia. In the future, extra control units can be added to rationalise the use of electricity, to turn the lighting on and off and to guarantee a higher security level (in relation to trespassing, fires or floods). The system will follow the KNX standards, which is not owned by any manufacturer, but at the same time, it has the highest development rate in Europe. A simple solution, with a friendly interface for the operator.

Automated apartment

The installation of the basic home automation will grow at an above-average rate in the market. Thus, it will be responsible for collecting the air conditioning and heating data, from the individual ACS energy and consumption meters to the refrigerating systems and underfloor heating systems. You can manage all this through a web server, a mobile app and a multitouch panel, among other amenities. Now, to continue to discuss the  automation matter you will find it difficult to believe everything that this discipline, which name comes from domus (‘house’ in Latin), can improve your life. Here are some of the comforts that the inhabitants of the new houses can decide between.

How much light do you use?

The home automation permits the integration of a meter reading system, where the operator is aware of how much light is used and at what moments of the day. For those who want a deeper analysis, it is also possible to install a catalytic converter in each desired circuit.

Do not touch the switch

The lighting control enables a light to be turned on or off without the need to be in the room where the light is. The automatic systems stay on independently and move in proportional loops. Furthermore, you can configure their setting from the touchscreen panel.

Do you feel safe?

It is possible to increase this sensation through the home automation system and the control of different technical alarms. The different sensors spread throughout the property warn you of dangers, such as, the spread of a fire, possible floods in humid rooms and, of course, they detect the entry of intruders.

All the blinds open

The nightmare of going from bedroom to bedroom opening the blinds has finally come to an end. With the touch of a button, the automatically controlled blinds are lifted at once, as well as programming them with timetables or depending upon solar radiation. All this in a realistic way, with a graphic interface adapted to each house, scene and situation.


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