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Friday, March 10th, 2017

The unstoppable use of virtual reality in the real estate sector

One of the key reasons for Rimontgó’s success as a leader in the exclusive real estate market is due to a decision taken by the digital marketing team, a decision championed by various international awards during recent years. In order to maintain this privileged position it’s important that we keep up to date with the latest international technology in the digital marketing sector, carry out an analysis on its possible implementation within our company and finally, to evaluate the benefits this technology would bring for the company as well as the clients.

From March 2015, Rimontgó’s web pages have been available in seven languages and have offered 3D tours of exclusive properties via a digital tool developed in the Unites States that we pioneered in Spain. Using these tours, the user can visit the interior of a property and also access the plans via 360° integral visualisation.

At the end of last year, Rimontgó made more progress in this innovative technology, conscious of the importance of virtual reality in the future and the gradual introduction of RV glasses within the home. Publications such as Forbes and The Guardian have recently published articles on the impact of virtual reality in the real estate sector. A study carried out by Goldman Sachs highlighted this sector as one of the economic and industrial sectors where virtual reality technology would have the biggest effect in the coming years, alongside the engineering, fitness and medical sectors.

Since December 2016, users have been able to access a virtual reality tour (tour VR) on our web page using a simple process. They only need to select their desired property and they will receive a link on their smartphone. Once open, using the app via the user’s RV glasses, the user will be able to immediately enjoy a virtual reality tour. The main advantage of these virtual reality tours is not only to provide a detailed and complete view of the property but also to save time. The digital newspaper Levante-EMV published an article on Rimontgo’s implementation of virtual reality tours. With the use of VR technology future buyers can visit properties virtually from their living room and filter those that are of great interest to them. This will avoid unproductive visits and allow the buyer to fully take advantage of their time in Spain.

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