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Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

The use of stone in beach houses

There are few spaces as unique as this sea house which, despite having been built in the 19th century, underwent a renovation a decade ago in order to increase its charm

Direct access to the beach

This is a property with a great past, but an even more promising future. It is a house built in the 19th century but which was completely refurbished in 2000 with high quality materials, always preserving its original architecture and its stone columns.  In 2004, another upgrade was carried out and it was at that point when it ended up acquiring its Mediterranean character.  It is an exclusive and elegant property, on the waterfront, and with direct access to the beach, as well as some impressive views over the horizon. It has various outdoor spaces that invite you to read a book on the porch, dine with views of the sand and the beach, or simply take in the sunset from one of its privileged terraces.

It is not easy to find such special spaces, where the best of both worlds are combined together, of an enchanted past and a myriad of opportunities for the future.  It is possibly the stone that is the most distinctive element amongst all of those provided in this house, present in both the pillars of the patios and in the walls, the interior archways of the rooms, the showers in the bathrooms, and the panels of the fireplace.  When thinking about this material, it is associated with cold landscapes. However, architects and interior designers also value its use in coastal locations, given its resistance to the breeze and to the sand.  It also works out well that the rooms have a fresh temperature, which proves particularly useful in the hotter months.

Shower made from stone

The beach houses also imply a series of characteristics in their design. People who purchase a property next to the sea usually look for a place that has some spectacular views, so it is important that it has a certain height and that the horizon is clear of any visual obstructions.  This is the case with this property, which despite being almost at the same level as the sand, it enjoys a certain elevation from the terrace.  Beyond benefitting and respecting the orography, it is essential that the house is integrated into the atmosphere and its aesthetics are consistent with the surroundings. It is recommended to adopt a style where natural materials are used, respecting the colours of the surroundings. This also favours easy maintenance, another of the most valued matters in a second home, which is usually the case with beach houses.

Finally, we always give importance to the unique details, those that we cannot find anywhere else.  This property in discussion, located on a plot of 2,042m2, has a surface area of 250m2 and is distributed across two floors. On the ground floor there is an elegant hallway, which represents one of the most exceptional spaces in the house, thanks to its direct access to the terrace, from which you can experience some impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea.  Another of the great attractions is found in the basement where, in addition to a very spacious wine cellar, there is access to the private dock which the property provides.  Ultimately, it is a spot hard to beat, which includes the best things of the past and of the future, where you can spend cold days next to the fireplace and warm nights with the murmur of the waves.

Porch with pillars



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