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Friday, August 29th, 2014

Three classically-styled luxury properties

Furnishing a luxury property in a classic style continues to be a great option. The main advantage of designing the interiors of an exclusive property with classic décor is that both the materials used and the residence itself will stand the test of time. Here we have selected three properties which bring together some of the characteristics that make classically-styled furnishing one of the most in-demand choices for those who buy exclusive properties. The first of these is a penthouse situated in the Eixample district of Valencia: an area comprising a cluster of quiet streets which stands out for its refined buildings and proximity to the old riverbed of the River Turia. The apartment, covering a surface area of 102m2, is elegantly decorated and features a terrace, from which residents can enjoy charming views of the Gran Vía Marqués del Turia avenue.

The second luxury property boasting a meticulous, classic interior design, is a spacious apartment (263m2) situated on Calle Colón in Valencia: one of the main commercial arteries that runs through the city. This exquisite five-bedroom residence stands out for the marble finishes in various rooms (such as the entrance hall), which would not look out-of-place in a stately home.

Finally, leaving the city of Valencia and moving on to the residential area of La Eliana, situated only a few kilometres away, we find a large luxury villa covering an area of 1000m2. The house combines wood and marble décor, comprises thirteen rooms, and has been delicately furnished in pastel tones with the highest-quality classic furniture.

The Valencian Community has a long-standing tradition in the classic furniture industry, distinguished by aesthetic designs which fit perfectly with classic and luxury styles. Amongst the most famous companies which specialise in high-end decoration, we can highlight MarinerCanellaPicó and Hurtado. These firms, boasting a fine track record, have continued to survive thanks to a combination of hand-crafting and necessary business abroad, which has enviably positioned them within the international market.

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