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Monday, May 26th, 2014

A new life in Valencia – part 2

Mercado CentralSecond part of the article about the move to Valencia by the family of Mike and Claire, couple with three kids, clients of Rimontgó.

A move with those characteristics leads to and understandably results in a complete change in terms of place of residence and lifestyle. In regards to this, Mike and Claire said, “in the beginning we had a few concerns, not so much about work, but rather about the language, the integration of the kids, taxes, health care etc. To move countries is always complicated and more so if you don’t know the language.” Another big obstacle the couple Mike and Claire had to face was that the owner of the property they had chosen pulled out of the sale at the last minute. Fortunately Rimontgó was able to assist with a solution the same day. Not only were they able to find a property in the very same building, but also was the new apartment even more favourable for the future buyers.

Mercado de ColónWithin a few months the property was converted into a new place for Mike and Claire. It was necessary to completely  renovate the place, but neither Mike or Claire were able to leave Copenhagen, due to work and family commitments, in order to be in Valencia and oversee and take decisions in the reformation of the property. But Rimontgó was on hand and always sent the couple detailed plans of the different refurbishment options and photos of the development. “It was our intention to be in Valencia to manage the renovation works on the spot, but it was impossible for us. We put all our confidence into Rimontgó and David Llorens, the one in charge of the renovation, and we have to say, we are really pleased with the final result”, added Claire. Once they arrived in Valencia, Mike and Claire, together with David Llorens, chose the final details for the home, such as the tiles for the bathroom.

While they were finalizing the details for their new home, Mike and Claire also had to go through certain necessary bureaucratic processes in order to start their new life in Valencia, with the added difficulty of not speaking the language at all. In this cJardines del Turia parkase, Rimontgó assisted Mike and Claire throughout the entire process: the opening of a bank account which to use in Spain, application for Número de Identificación para Extranjeros – NIE (foreign national identification number), registration of their marriage and their three children, notary formalities and arrangement of direct debit for general services such as telephone, gas, electricity etc.

This article continues in A new life in Valencia – part 3. If you would like to read the first part, click here for A new life in Valencia.

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