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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Four luxury properties with a contemporary style

In relation to both the architecture and the interior design of a building, contemporary styling goes hand in hand with luxury properties. The large dimensions of exclusive villas and apartments produce rooms with wide, open spaces, and this is certainly the case in the centre of major cities, such as Valencia, which are home to old and fully-refurbished residences with high ceilings.

For years, one of the most successful trends in interior design in large properties has been the ‘loft’ style, which originated in New York and came as a result of old factories and warehouses being converted into apartments. A lack of room partitions (the ‘open spaces’ concept) allowed for bright, functional residences, but posed a challenge with regard to choosing an appropriate interior design. For such a task, it is always recommended to depend on collaboration with a prestigious design studio, as this can produce visually attractive results. This is the case with the villas and apartments chosen in this article.

The first of these properties is an exclusive residence situated in the famous Torre Valencia, one of the most emblematic buildings in the Eixample district, whose interiors have been styled by the famous Valencian professional designer Julio Guixeres. Boasting a surface area of 245 m2 and four bedrooms, the apartment features a terrace which provides fantastic views of the old riverbed of the River Turia.

The following two properties are located in the city’s old town, on the renowned Carrer dels Cavallers, in the charming neighbourhood of El Carme. In a daring combination, tradition and modernity are fused together in this first luxury apartment, in which the original mosaic-tile flooring has been preserved. The different rooms of this unique 111 m2 property are characterised by designer artwork and furniture. Only a short distance away from this residence, we find another option for contemporary living: a 93 m2 apartment, in which the original beams have been preserved and wood and marble have been used to add a contemporary feel to the property. This apartment benefits from a careful interior design, and its high ceilings have provided enough room to house the original loft, which can be used for storage space.

Finally, moving only a few kilometres away from the city, we come to the Campolivar residential area, in the municipality of Godella. For decades, this privileged and peaceful region, surrounded by pine groves, has been a traditional summer-holiday destination for the Valencian high classes. Located in this neighbourhood is an attractive villa, spread over one floor and built around a beautiful garden and pool. With large dimensions (a surface area of almost 400 m2 set on a plot of land covering more than 1,500 m2), this luxury property boasts a meticulous interior design and outstanding architecture. With a number of its rooms opening onto the house’s exterior, this exclusive villa features a precise contemporary style, located within very close proximity to the city of Valencia.

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