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Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Valencia’s Faculty of Economics celebrates half a century of teaching

José Ribes, CEO of Rimontgó, next to José Manuel Pastor FdE's dean and Enrique Lucas president of Valencia Plaza

On the 7th of July “La Noche de los 50” celebration took place in which the University of Valencia’s Faculty of Economics celebrated their first half a century of existence.

The ceremony was organised by Esteban Morcillo, president of the University of Valencia, who gave way to José Manuel Pastor, dean of the Faculty of Economics. Subsequently Aurelio Martínez and Paz Sánchez Pelegrí, Group Manager of Nestlé Nutrición Infantil took the floor.

To endorse the prestige of this educational institution, the Faculty of Economics chose 50 of their former alumni, who nowadays have become successful entrepreneurs or representatives for different public and private institutions, as the best possible example of these five decades of teaching. Alumni that passed through the Faculty’s lecture halls at the start of their journey or, on the contrary, with a short but prestigious trajectory in the past few years after finishing their studies. Amongst these, there is: Joan Lerma, ex-president of the Generalitat Valenciana; Quico Catalán, current president of Levante UD; Enrique Lucas, president of Valencia Plaza; Aurelio Martínez, president of Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia; Ramón Marrades, strategy director of Consorcio Valencia 2007; María José Mira, regional secretary of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Work or José Ribes, managing director of Rimontgó.

It should be remembered that José Ribes, Managing Director of Rimontgó, forms part of the Faculty of Economics’ Club of Mentors, a recently created entity destined to strengthen the training of the participants in the Faculty’s postgraduate advanced courses and their subsequent links with the world of work.

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