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Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Valencia keeps its appeal to international buyers of luxury real estate

The 2017 edition of Luxury Defined follows in the wake of last year’s publication, which, included Valencia in the “Luxury Thermometer”, in other words, it was one of the ten locations with the highest interest from international buyers of high-end properties

In this year’s classification it highlights the appearance of numerous American cities (Portland, Austin, Charleston, San Diego), a fact that demonstrates the strength of exclusive property as a safe haven for investors before uneasy political situations, like the United States experienced last year, prior to the elections.

On this occasion, Luxury Defined has again pointed to the city of Valencia (and its surrounding residential areas: El Bosque, Santa Bárbara, Campolivar, Torre en Conill, Rocafort, ect.), together with Stockholm and the Sardinian Coast, as some of the international locations that stand out the most in the luxury property market during 2016.

Additional data provided by the new edition of Luxury Defined is Valencia’s excellent position with regards to the influence of foreign buyer in the local market. Valencia is the second international location with the biggest increase of international buyers (21% more than 2015), exceeding cities such as Bordeaux, Portland and San Diego, positioning itself just behind the French Basque Country, an area ranging between Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz. The datum gathered by Luxury Defined makes it clear that Valencia and its residential areas maintain, and even increase their appeal for the international buyers of exclusive real estate, those that enjoy a high-quality property portfolio with excellent locations and highly competitive prices.  This adds to the high quality lifestyle that they relish in Spain especially in Valencia and Costa Blanca.

Luxury Defined becomes the perfect tool to understand the behaviour of this market sector (real estate valued at more than one million dollars), thanks to the contribution of information from more than 100 international members, of which Rimontgó is included.

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