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Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

A new life in Valencia – part 3

Mestalla StudiumPart three of the article about clients of Rimontgo, the family of Mike and Claire, married with three kids, and their move to Valencia.

It was very important for Mike and Claire that one of their sons, 11 year old Brian, could continue his starting football career. In Denmark, Brian was part of the youth squad of Copenhagen, which is considered to be one of the best academies for young players in European football. Before the family arrived in Valencia, Rimontgó made all efforts so Brian could try out for some of the youth teams of the leading football clubs in the Valencian Community. In the end, Brian was able to demonstrate his talent and is currently a first team player (midfielder) in one of the subsidiary youth squads of the Valencia CF. In Claire’s opinion, Brian’s inclusion in the team “immensely helped him with his integration in Valencia. Although he is only learning Spanish bit by bit, on the field he doesn’t need a language to understand  his team mates.

The rapid integration of Brian and the other kids of Mike and Claire, (“something that surprised us, was with what speed it happened”, added Claire) has helped the couple a lot in adapting to the new life in Valencia. Mike and Claire agree, ‘not only because of the climate, which everyone knows is fantastic, but also because of other aspects, such as the people for example. In Valencia, everyone lends you a helping hand, no one makes you feel guilty because you don’t speak the language, the Valencians are just incredibly friendly.” Juan Bernat, player for Valencia CFAnother aspect of the city that attracted Mike and Claire was “its historic past, which is reflected by its rationalist and modernist architecture. There are no skyscrapers and the urban landscape of this city is well thought through and permits easy transit of the citizens.” In addition to the quality of life, which is very important for the couple, the living costs where another decisive factor. Claire ended our meeting by affirming, “in fact, several of my friends are considering to move from their country of origin. My only recommendation for them is to consider Spain, and especially Valencia, as one of the best options.”

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