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Friday, October 17th, 2014

Five luxury properties with very attractive prices

There are times in the high end real estate sector when certain properties are sold at discounted rates, providing an exclusive opportunity to enter into the luxury real estate market.

In the region of Valencia there are currently a variety of luxury properties being sold at reduced prices, accessible from our web page, and in this article we would like to highlight five properties in particular.

The first of these is situated in Godelleta, a municipality near to Valencia. The property is a lovely rustic country house set in a plot of more than 12,000 m2. There are four bedrooms in the main part of the villa as well as various adjacent buildings which give the property its own unique style; buildings such as a private winery, a ´pelota valenciana´ course and a bull ring.

The town of Bétera is home to two properties with very attractive prices. The first of these is a lovely 360 m2 villa with a large pool and a vegetable patch, located in the prestigious Mas Camarena residential area. The villa also has a covered terrace providing the perfect place to enjoy the summer nights outdoors. The second of the two properties is located on the edge of the Valencian locality. With a surface area of 400 m2, this open plan contemporary style villa is truly special. The large property is set in an enormous plot of 12000 m2 and has features such as a sauna, a tennis court and a beautiful garden designed by the Valencian architect and landscape designer, Rafael Narbona.

The fourth of these exceptional properties is located in the exclusive El Bosque residential area, in the Valenican town of Chiva. The villa was installed with energy efficiency in mind as shown by the environmentally friendly refrigeration and heating systems and insulation. The property, with a modern architecture and interior design, also has a charming pool.

Last but not least is a lovely modern one storey villa, situated in La Eliana locality very near to the city of Valencia. The wood, marble and glass finishing touches as well as the infinity pool and barbecue zone, connected to the inside via a covered walkway, give the property a truly exclusive feel.

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