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Thursday, March 1st, 2018

VILLAE 13: Design, design and more design

The design of interior spaces is the true protagonist of the new magazine’s issue, distributed between EREN’s members and includes the more exclusive contents.


To opt for the interior design is the leitmotiv that guides the new issue of Villae magazine, in which cover we can see the majestic décor of an imperial loft apartment located in the centre of Vienna, where the architecture of a historic building and the latest trends in decoration of properties merge together. This is not the only example of this theme. In the 13th issue of the magazine we find articles where the conception of spaces become very important, as the one dedicated to the more exclusive bars of the world or to the most luxury airplanes that exist. The attention to detail is shared by all members of EREN (European Real Estate Network), the network of luxury real estate experts for which Villae is published and distributed, with 45 offices and 300 employees around ten European countries.


It’s time to talk about design, to showcase the most beautiful spaces in homes, to discover the trends around the world. That is why other articles in the magazine focus on finishing touches as decorative elements or on all the rage for the country estate, as life in the countryside also has very particular interior design codes. Villae 13 is also composed of other contents, such as a review of the annual meetings of EREN members, which took place in Austria and France in 2017; about the profile around the figure of Elon Musk, the “visionary” entrepreneur leader of projects such as PayPal, Tesla Motors and Hyperloop; a special review on the world’s most prestigious universities; and a reflection on the smart cities of the future that guarantee to revolutionize the concept we have about buildings.


All Villae’s issues are available online. Although the publication belongs to EREN, the Valencian company Rimontgó is in charge of its production and edition, as it is one of the founding members and an exclusive representative in the Valencian Community. Is for that reason that José Ribes the CEO of Rimontgó is in charge of the editorial. The magazine revolves around the most exclusive lifestyle, with complete articles and photographic reports on inspiring places and experiences which allow us to get closer to the international portfolio of properties that these companies have around the world. In addition, Villae International includes in its final pages a small sample of the most exclusive properties of Europe, which are sold in Valencia and around the Costa Blanca, but also in Switzerland, Portugal, France, Austria and up to ten European countries.




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