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Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Welcome to the K-Life era, where houses do photosynthesis

Porcelanosa improves the solid surface of Krion with the Systempool technology, so that now, it has the ability to purify the air in homes

VALENCIA. Humans are inspired by nature to give a bird-like shape to airplanes and trains, to implant night vision of felines in cameras, and now, to eliminate air pollution via photosynthesis, just like plants. The company Systempool, from the Porcelanosa Group, presents the K-Life, the natural evolution of solid surfaces of Krion. Before, a mineral of great resistance which emulates natural stone and has exclusive features, now, in addition, an antibacterial effect has been added, for easy cleaning and the elimination of chemical products. K-Life is not just deeply resistant, like its big brother; but also manages to purify the air wherever it is.

According to the experts of Porcelanosa; during the K-Life Experience, which is an interactive audiovisual presentation with smells, performed with different guests in the headquarters of Albuixech, the new material has a revolutionary composition. It comprises a series of activators that start to work when signs of light appear, whether it is solar or artificial. This quality has been proven by different ISO tests, both indoors and outdoors, where it became clear that one square meter of K·Life can purify enough air needed for a year for 6.5 people. All this without the modification of its consistency, the colour or any other physical features; although, possibly the most surprising factor is that, Porcelanosa has decided to maintain the same price.

“We are aware that K-Life will eventually replace the old Krion in the market, but we will not modify the marketing taxes“, assures the company. The Porcelanosa group is continuously influencing its commitment to the environment.  The company has opted for sustainable R&D with the arrival of new materials that have reduced costs without emitting harmful elements into the environment. “Especially when the severity of air pollution has already taken human lives and in which the WHO has activated a warning due to 92% of people not being able to breathe safe air”,they add.

Other factors

The Krion works in a similar way to wood, which allows the mineral panels to be molded with ease, even making it possible to produce curved pieces and building unattainable designs that is not possible with other materials. Only a few people can imagine that the surface, with a warm and cosy feel, is also tremendously resistant to acids and chemicals, as well as fire. This strength also allows it to be an exterior material and with it you can make spectacular coatings for buildings, without fear of weather conditions.

The alimentary use of this material is approved in accordance with the Regulation UNE-EN ISO 1186.  It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, a characteristic that acquires without additives, in comparison to other materials that also achieve these features, thanks to the mixture of biocides. For this reason, it is appropriate regarding the application in medical centres, hospitals, treatment rooms and operating theatres, where the hygienic conditions should be extreme. Likewise its state remains inalterable before the test of time. In the event of breakage, the repair can be carried out on-site with a simple kit that brings the piece back to its original state, without any visible junction.

It should be mentioned that Krion is a material that is fabricated under ecological criteria, not issuing volatile compounds and can be 100% recycled. The social commitment of the brand aligns with the largest breakthrough to achieve just one purpose: quality of life.

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