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Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Why do we like penthouse apartments?

There are certain houses in Valencia that, despite expanding only a few square metres, manage to win people over because they offer all the features we look for in a property.

In the real estate sector we find buyers that are not looking for large villas or impressive gardens, not even spacious houses in the city centre, but elegant and cosy apartments that can be adapted to the buyer’s needs.  So, when the main attraction is not the dimensions, what is the deciding factor when looking for a house? Our experience tells us that the location is important, much of the time the design too, but most of all, that the space is practical enough for day to day life. In any event, we want a house in keeping with our lifestyle, and if we can satisfy some of our impulses while we’re at it – a nice dressing room, a private terrace – we will have fulfilled our expectations.

This apartment on Avenida Valladolid in Valencia is perfect for a modern lifestyle. Despite its recent construction in 2001, it has been completely refurbished in 2017, so its commodities have been enhanced substantially.  It is found in one of the newest areas in Valencia, the neighbourhood of Alfahuir, which offers all types of modern service so that daily life is made easy. It is close to the beach and to the universities, as well as having connections by metro and bus to any other spot in the city.

The property is a two-storey 170m2 penthouse, in which the lower and upper floors can be comfortably accessed by a spiral staircase. On the ground floor is a cosy lounge that is isolated from the kitchen by a modern glass separator.  The kitchen is extremely comfortable with a very modern design, fully-equipped, and has a dining table which could easily become the centre spot for family life.  On this same floor there are also two rooms with a shared bathroom, and a main bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.

The staircase connects to the upper floor, where the first thing we find is a multi-functional living room, currently set up as a studio.  The magnificent views can make working here a luxury.  On this level you also have the spacious terrace, considered the gem of the house, that offers an exceptional south-facing position, but which also receives the soft breezes from the Valencian sea.  Nothing can stop you from enjoying the great temperature and the wind of the East.

In this way, daily life is made easy, thanks to the furnished communal areas, the high-quality private rooms and a unique space for relaxing, where you can have gatherings with friends or simply just spend the morning enjoying a good book.  What else could we possibly need in an apartment?  Beyond the luxury and even the extra commodities, the majority of clients look for a house that connects with their lifestyle.

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