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Michael Saunders & Company

Michael Saunders and CompanyMichael Saunders and CompanyRimontgó is proud to share a strategic partnership alliance with Michael Saunders & Company.

Michael Saunders & Company offers integral Real Estate services, professionalism and integrity. Through this alliance, with the service provided in Spain by Inmobiliaria Rimontgó, European clients can have access to Luxury residences in the Florida Gulf Coast.

Michael Saunders & CompanyMichael Saunders & Company also provide corporate and real estate management services. As the Gulf Coast leader they can recruit and retain only the finest real estate agents. Michael Saunders & Company consistently lists more exclusive properties in the Gulf Coast area than any other single company. In addition to that, they average about a 24% market share by listed volume in the Sarasota MLS. With 16 offices Michael Saunders & Company do more business in this area than any other broker.

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