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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Cross-country cooperation for a United Nations Client

The value of organisations such as EREN – the European Real Estate Network – and the international cooperation they foster – was proved again recently when Inmobiliaria Rimontgó of Valencia collaborated with Marschall Immobilien of Vienna to find a New York client a lovely city property in the Austrian capital. The fact that the couple in question work for the UN makes it all the more poignant.

When a New York City based couple working for the United Nations found out they were being transferred to the UN operation in Vienna, they started researching suitable properties and parts of town on the Internet. The search led them to the website of Rimontgó, whose collaboration with EREN enables them to showcase prime property from around the world.

Having found a luxurious city apartment that caught their eye, the couple contacted Rimontgó for more information about the property. The request came in at the beginning of October and was responded to by Alicia Martínez González, who sent a detailed report including specs and images of the apartment. With an asking price of a little over two million euros we are talking about a luxurious and spacious home in a prime location close to the city centre and within easy commute to the UN complex.

Although the property seemed just right the price was a little out of the budget of the client, so they requested information on similar apartments, listing their requirements in terms of area, the size of the property and its specs. Alicia liaised with her colleagues in Vienna and within a few days of having initially contacted Rimontgó the couple had received an enticing list of alternative options.

In the end, they settled on a stylish penthouse, completing the final negotiations through Marschall Immobilien and in the end acquiring a comparable property for less money. The whole process was fluent and efficient, and within two weeks they had settled on the property they wanted to buy. The sale was completed and by March the family were ready to move to Vienna.

“It shows once again how important and beneficial it is to work together,” said José Ribes Bas, CEO of Rimontgó. “The market is becoming increasingly international in character, and the best way to provide good, effective service is to work through international, trustworthy and professional partners like Peter Marschall of Marschall Immobilien and the rest of the EREN members. Indeed, it was a pleasure to work closely with our EREN partners in Vienna, and particularly gratifying that, in this case, our clients worked for the UN. It seems rather fitting.”

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