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Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

‘La Serreta’ palace changes hands for the third time in 600 years

The emblematic estate of Segovia, with a great historic and cultural value, has been sold in a confidential operation after three years of meticulous work from Rimontgó

The sale of a building as special as La Serreta is remarkable since it has a unique heritage that dates back to 1464. Over 600 years, noblemen and Spanish kings have enjoyed this extraordinary estate in Castilla.  We are talking about an authentic palace, located in a wooded area of Segovia, with a high historical and cultural value, that is born with the donation that Queen Isabella I of Castile made to the First Duke of Alburquerque. In the 21st century, this immense property also has a great potential for investment and for touristic development.  It is for this reason that at Rimontgó we feel proud of the work accomplished regarding the property, which has finally culminated in a satisfactory way.

The information about the sale transaction is completely private, so the final agreement can only be revealed to be closed in the month of March.  The contacts between the parties were established in the immediate months before.  It should be emphasised that the work has been conducted by Rimontgó for over five years, when the owners of this unique property put their trust in this real estate agency.  During this time the estate has been introduced in a confidential and direct way to potential buyers within and outside of Spain, always with complete discretion and only in confidential circles.  Our company has been responsible for other types of procedure, such as having conversations with the regional authorities, and managing reports and urban and environmental permits.

It is not surprising that, sooner or later, the work carried out by Rimontgó has produced results. Our business has put so much care and trouble into such a special property, with the aim of responding to the trust shown by the previous owners.  Now, the new owner has the opportunity to benefit from the all the potential that the Palace and the Forest of La Serreta have to offer.  It also has the responsibility of preserving the environment and a unique building, like few others in Spain, and which was built between the 12th and 15th centuries.

Concerning La Serreta

The Palace and the Forest of La Serreta is an estate of 602 hectares and has a great patrimonial, historic and environmental value. It is situated a little over an hour from Madrid, in a large extension of forest that belongs to the city of Segovia, that starts in the Sierra de Guadarrama foothills. This enables it to enjoy a lush vegetation where it is possible to practise hunting, horse-riding or any other activity related to sports or nature, and at the same time flaunts green meadows next to the river Cega and majestic gardens next to the Palace. The main building of over 1000m2 was rebuilt in stone and in wood over a period of more than ten years, with architectonic details of distinct styles, culminating the works in 2005 and whose inauguration was borne by King Juan Carlos I.  Next to the palace is the building rented out to guests, reconstructed to serve as a house for visitors and a 15th century chapel dedicated to Anthony the Great. There is another property where the service personnel are housed.

About Rimontgó

Founded in 1959, Rimontgó is a real estate business of high prestige and of professional recognition in Spain, with an established reputation based on confidentiality, professional integrity, its total dedication to clients, and the use of new technology. Its two lines of main business cover the commercialisation of a wide range of properties, mainly located in the geographic region of activity (Valencia and Costa Blanca), and the advice and personalised search for property investment for its clients, both residential and commercial, in the main capitals of Spain, including a great expertise for investment in wine cellars and vineyards all over Spain.

Rimontgó is exclusively affiliated with Christie’s International Real Estate, as well as being a member of its Advisory Board and is also a social founder and executive director of European Real Estate Network (EREN), with headquarters in London.


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