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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Making a new home in Betera, Valencia

As property agents we are always pleased when we can conclude a property transaction to everyone’s satisfaction, and when we’ve helped a nice family settle into a lovely new house the sense of achievement is so much the greater. At Rimontgó we have been providing this service for both Spanish homebuyers and clients from across Europe for many years now, as is shown by a multinational, multilingual staff tuned in to the needs and expectations of people from different regions and cultures.

In recent years, clients from a significant new market have started looking for property in the Valencia and Jávea regions, and beyond. Though at first limited in numbers, Russian buyers stood out for the standard of homes they bought, placing them right at the top of the luxury property segment. Now, as more and more Russian visitors become familiar with this part of Spain and direct transport links between the two countries are further enhanced, the number of people looking to settle or acquire holiday homes here is showing a steady rise.

For companies like Rimontgó it has meant adapting to a whole new language and getting to grips with what is important to Russian clients. Not accustomed to doing things by halves, we have Russian staff members who specialise not only in finding clients the property they are looking for, but who also dedicate themselves to providing information, advice and helping people become familiar with their new surroundings.

The recent sale of a lovely contemporary villa in the select residential area of Torre en Conill, in the little town of Betera just outside Valencia is a fine example. We were approached by a charming family looking to make this area their primary home, attracted as they were by the quality of life, the safety and the standard of education that the Valencia region has to offer. The husband’s work in shipping takes him away part of the time, so he wanted to know that his wife and two young children would be safe and comfortable in a pleasant environment such as this.

Having been given background information as to the various different areas, property styles and indeed lifestyles that characterise different parts of this region, they lost their hearts to a lovely modern villa fronting the El Escorpión golf course at Torre en Conill. Though conveniently close to Valencia city, the Mediterranean beaches and the local countryside this is a peaceful, secure and also very exclusive residential area with shops, restaurants and great sports and social facilities – in other words, an ideal place to raise a family.

Very important to the couple was the proximity of an outstanding international school such as Caxton College, which combined with the Spanish climate and seductive charm of Valencia closed the deal. The technical side of the transaction was more complicated than a straightforward property sale involving Spanish or other EU nationals, but it proceeded efficiently and without any problems. The family were particularly pleased with the time we had taken in giving them information about life in this region, the different areas and options, and also the fact that we could do this clearly and comfortably in their own language.

We helped them open a Spanish bank account, register with the local authorities, obtain an NIE identification number and transfer utilities into their name, whilst also arranging medical coverage and insurance for their property, not to mention assisting in organising a place for their son at Caxton College. The service did not come to an abrupt end the moment they signed the title deed, however, as we helped them find intensive language classes, referred them to landscaper gardeners, furniture stores and interior designers, arranged telephone and internet, and basically made sure they were settled and happy before letting them know we’re available if they need us for anything else.

It was hard but satisfying work, and so much more than just a property deal, which is why we are so enthusiastic about the job we’re in and happy to go that extra mile to provide the kind of service that people tell their friends and acquaintances about.

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