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Friday, September 12th, 2014

Rimontgó, together with the Spanish Consulate and Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs in Beijing, handles the proceedings as a second visa is issued following investment in a business project of general interest in Spain

The second visa to be issued following investment in a business project of general interest in Spain comes only days after the first visa of this kind was authorised last July by the Spanish Consulate in Beijing, together with a favourable report from the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Spanish Embassy in the Chinese capital. In both instances, the visas came as a result of investment proposals laid out by Rimontgó for Chinese businessmen.

Rimontgó has managed to secure other visas, aided by Law 14/2013 in Support of Entrepreneurs and their Internationalisation, which have been granted in return for direct investment in property. However, the first two visas to be issued by the Spanish Consulate and Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs in Beijing have been much more difficult to document and finalise. Cristina Martínez is the Sales and Marketing manager for Rimontgó in Valencia and is responsible for these investments. She states, “the granting of these first two visas following investment in a business project which is considered and accredited as being of general interest in Spain comes as recognition of a job well-done, not only due to the complexity of the documentation that must be compiled, but mainly because we have managed to attract investors from such a far-away country who have, firstly, demonstrated their trust in our company and, secondly, decided to invest in proposals that we have set out of our own accord. We are very happy to have been the first to obtain a visa of this kind for our clients”.

The investments are linked to the production of high-quality Spanish wine and its exportation to China. These ventures, along with others which are currently pending, are closely related to the special way in which the Valencian consultancy works, as Cristina Martínez explains: “Rimontgó offers investment opportunities to its clients and potential buyers in which the time scale for the full cycle of each proposal is laid out, together with alternatives for any other foreseen economic scenarios which may occur. A key aspect of every one of our investment proposals is confidentiality of all information provided. Projects designed by Rimontgó are also exclusive, considered personal, and relate to proposals on business shareholding and property purchases which are not openly advertised on our website. Negotiations with potential buyers are carried out on a one-to-one basis, in a confidential and fully-discreet manner. Of course, the selection of properties published on our web pages forms the main basis of our work, and while some of our clients are Chinese, the majority of customers come from Europe, thanks to our own company (European Real Estate Network, EREN) that we founded ten years ago”.

Winning the confidence of foreign investors is not easy and becomes even harder when dealing with people with distinct customs and a culture of business which is so different to that of our own, such as the Chinese investors with whom Rimontgó has been working for years (amongst the company’s clients are some of the biggest fortunes in China and Hong Kong). The key is always rigourous and professional work, reflected in original and exclusive investment proposals which have been fully-adapted to suite each investor. Thanks to new relationships that have been established, Chinese investors will visit Spain during the coming months to consider Rimontgó’s proposals, relating to the real estate, business and industrial sectors.

The Law 14/2013in Support of Entrepreneurs and their Internationalisation:

Law 14/2013 aims to facilitate investment in Spain, and in article 63, chapter II, it states that a visa and subsequent residency permit will be granted to non-resident foreign nationals who intend to enter Spain and make a significant capital investment. This venture can be made in a variety of ways, either by: acquiring real estate for a minimum price of €500,000; investing €1 million or more in Spanish-company shares; or setting up a business project which is accredited as being of general interest. Granted visas and residency permits can be extended to the investor’s spouse or children under the age of 18, and allow the holder to travel between countries pertaining to the Schengen Area.

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