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Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Rimontgó’s José Ribes Bas in OPP Magazine

Jose Ribes BasJosé Ribes Bas was recently interviewed by the prestigious international property magazine OPP after it learned of Rimontgó’s enviable end-of-year sales. This English language publication enjoys worldwide distribution and has developed a reputation as providing an incisive and intelligent picture of the international real estate market.

The full article is reproduced below:


The luxury Spanish market saw an upturn at the end of 2009 according to one international agent that reported multiple sales of properties over $6 million.

Inmobiliaria Rimontgó said sales levels were significantly higher for the last quarter of the year than the same period 12 months earlier, led by four high-end transactions, some of which represented record prices in their areas.

“Value is coming back into the market, creating investment opportunities and also drawing end-user buyers back,” Rimontgó’s CEO José Ribes Bas told OPP. “In many markets, prices are currently levelling out at levels not seen for years. It appears the bottoming out of the market has passed and we can start looking towards a gradual recovery of prices.”

A dedicated teamThe market recovery isn’t being driven by one particular buyer group, he said. “The picture isn’t as clear as it was a few years ago, when you could speak of German buyers, or alternatively British and Irish buyers, driving the market. These days property buyers come from a far more diverse range of countries, although the Russian market assumed an important role when many others fell away.”

He added that the growing variety of nationalities in the market had made it even more important to have partners in different countries. As a founding member of the European Real Estate Network (EREN), Rimontgó works with agents in locations including Milan, Vienna, Marbella, Lisbon and Geneva.

“We [recently] collaborated with both Marschall Immobilien in Vienna and IRG in the Algarve to help international clients find high-end properties. We have several more such deals in process at the moment, so it highlights the value of cooperation at this level.”


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