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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Rimontgó continues to feature in the news

Rimontgó, the Valencian consultancy which specialises in marketing luxury properties and commercial investments, has been a continual feature in local and national media during recent weeks. To be precise, the real estate firm has been mentioned in articles and reports published in newspapers such as Valencia Plaza, Expansión and El País.

On a local level within the Valencian Community, Álvaro Mohorte published an article last month, on the online newspaper Valencia Plaza, which outlined the key role Rimontgó played as the first visas were issued by the Spanish Consulate in Beijing following investment in a business project of general interest in Spain. These visas, granted to two Chinese investors, relate to a business venture in the Spanish wine industry, aimed at producing and exporting high-quality wine to China. Additionally, Ángel Álvarez echoed this important news towards the end of last month on the pages of the economy-based newspaper Expansión, another publication dedicated to the Valencian Community. The article highlights confidentiality of supplied information, as well as exclusively-designed investment opportunities which are specifically aimed at each investor and include the time scale for the full cycle of each proposal.

Finally, on a national level, Sandra López Letón produced a report for Negocios, the business supplement of the newspaper El País, which brought together the opinions of the main luxury real estate brokers in Spain concerning the good state of this exclusive sector in our country. In her report, López Letón remarks on this positive period and focusses on the interest of buying luxury properties in a range of cities, amongst which the El País reporter cites Valencia as a place which “has learnt how to win over buyers who are looking for the most attractive prices”.

These three reports accurately reflect Rimontgó’s continual presence in the media: a presence which is reinforced through collaboration with a series of key national and international media outlets. These include supplements in El País and Expansión (Casas Singulares and Casas y Estilo de vida respectively), as well as the newspaper La Vanguardia(I), the glossy magazine Tatler Hong Kong and other prestigious publications.

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