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Friday, January 8th, 2010

Rimontgó ends the year on a high note

While 2009 had already shown a slight recovery from the year before, Inmobiliaria Rimontgó experienced an excellent fourth quarter that brought the year to a highly satisfactory conclusion.

At the heart of this marked upswing was the sale of not one but four significant properties in the closing three months of the year. Registering over 4 million Euros each, they contributed to a significant improvement over 2008 and in some cases even represented the record sales price in their respective areas.

Not bad for a market where on the whole prices are still dropping or evening out. “It proves the old adage, though, that quality maintains its value,” says company CEO José Ribes Bas, who was happy to register a marked improvement on 2008.

“The demand for properties that stand out for their quality or location remains strong in every price segment, but above all the higher one. In cases where this is not so, buyers – and in particular investors – are being drawn back into the market by the opportunities provided by lower prices. Not all properties represent good value, but if you know what to look for there are many good prospects at the moment.”

Significant sales

The important upswing aided in large part by the four significant sales allows Rimontgó to look forward to the new year with measured optimism. “I see it as a reward for the way we have stuck to our guns – tightening the operation during tough times, but refusing to panic and instead investing our energy and experience in moving forward and guiding buyers, homeowners and investors alike in challenging but interesting times.”

The luxury properties sold in the final quarter of 2009 varied greatly in terms of setting, style and individual features, but what they had in common was quality and accurately valued pricing. One villa stood out for its magnificent beachfront setting, another for its architectural styling and the final two for their standard of finish and luxurious features, yet all represented quality homes in a top location at the right asking price.

“The results from the closing quarter of 2009 have undeniably put the wind in our sails,” says José Ribes. “They bolstered what was already a better year than 2008, but above all we feel heartened in our approach to the crisis and the fact that we can look forward to the new year as one in which there will still be many challenges to face yet also the first rays of light returning.”

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