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Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Stories of our clients: a successful private sale

A confidential sale that met the expectations of the whole family is amongst the last properties sold by Rimontgó.

In Rimontgó we like to accompany our clients throughout the whole process of purchasing a property, as we understand that it is not only about buying a house, but also about finding a home. In order to do this, it is essential to listen to people and gain their trust, so that search time is accelerated and we can solve any need they may have. Amongst the latest sales from our company, which is a leader in the luxury residential sector, we find a very special villa in a residential complex located in the surrounding area of Valencia. We would like to remind it as it was a successful private sale for all parties.

The house we are referring to was valued at more than 2 million euros, as it is one of the best in the area where is located. Its uniqueness, with unparalleled and panoramic views of the valley is one of its highlights. However, the important thing is, that it was the perfect house for those who would eventually become its owners: a couple from the Middle East, with different properties in Northern Europe and that this time were attracted by the quality of life in the Mediterranean. The clients were not looking for a first residence, but for a second home for their enjoyment and a place to spend time with the family.

One of the particularities of this process is that it was carried out as a private sale. Confidentiality is one of the most important values for Rimontgó, especially with certain types of properties, which due to their uniqueness are better not to be exposed indiscriminately in the market. Our company works with properties that are only presented to potential buyers, after having had a personal interview and having assessed their needs. On our website, there is a representative sample of houses, but agents can inform you about other opportunities, or even search outside the market.

In this case, the buyers contacted us from their country and announced that they would be travelling to Valencia in a few days. After listening carefully to their needs, Rimontgó offered a selection of properties that met their requirements and organized a series of concrete visits, allowing them to enjoy their stay the rest of the time. Although they had previously been to Valencia, they were not familiar with the city, so we also guided them about the hotels to stay in, the most interesting areas to visit, not only for leisure, but also to make a good decision about where to settle down.

It is essential for us that a property has to represent the client’s lifestyle. As they both played golf, we immediately thought of a residential complex located close to a golf course, boasting a good climate and a natural environment. Another key aspect was the proximity to the airport, as the couple travels frequently. As soon as they saw the property, they felt that it fulfilled their expectations and the sale process was very quick.

As they were decided to buy the property, the buyers left the city, while Rimontgó handled the rest of the formalities. From the negotiation with the seller, to the preparation of contracts, through the inventory of the furniture, which in this case was very special and it was included in the deal. As with other clients, we also managed the necessary documentation for them to be able to buy a property, contacted the bank so that they could open an account and sought out the housekeeping staff.

When they came back to the city to pick up the keys, the new owners only had to enjoy themselves with the family.

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