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New construction

Construction, architecture, projects, planning, construction management…

At Rimontgó we offer you a complete service in the form of a “turnkey contract“.

We will deal with the search for the land best suited for your needs, we draft the technical project of the construction, we will advise you on the best and most adequate materials necessary for your new construction, we will carry out the construction, and we will market at a specific time in the best market conditions. Also we will carry out the promotion of your custom-built project.

Villa en Jávea Partida Montgo - Alicante-Costa Blanca


Constructions of houses, villas, buildings, swimming pool or homes. In a new construction project, Rimontgó will adhere to your budget, considering each and every detail. We also draft your architectural project and construction plans, integrating construction and security regulations, and we will thus safely execute the building works for the best possible price.

Plano de construcciónAtico en venta en Valencia Centro - Ensanche

Building materials:

Whether it is for a newly built home or home under construction for selling, we will offer you the highest quality construction. No longer will you need to consult a dictionary for construction terminology, nor will you feel the necessity to control the technical aspects of the materials, such as those used in the structure, what kind of concrete will be employed (reinforced, aerated, stamped, polymer, prestressed), the type of floor and wall coverings (wooden, ceramic), as well as the machinery and tools necessary. Rimontgó works with the best companies in the construction industry so that you only have to worry about contributing your idea; then we make it a reality.

Villa en Jávea Partida Montgo - Alicante-Costa Blanca

Land re-parcelling and development:

At Rimontgó, with the support of top experts in their field, development programmes are designed that are suitable for land management: planning and land specifications, development and re-parcelling. These development programmes are applicable, both if it is for your own personal use and also if it is a plot of unowned land on which your business could possibly sit.

Subsequently we will handle all aspects of the project, building it and handling the sale, so that you can comfortably and easily carry out the buying or selling, and will advise you on what would be the best choice to take.

Additional technical services:


Urban development projects, integrated action programmes (IAP), partial plans, and residential complex projects, industrial premises as well as topography, planimetric and geotechnical services, etc.

We will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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