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Villae International


Villae International is the official publication of EREN, The European Real Estate Network, of which RIMONTGÓ is a founding member and the official representative in the Valencia and Costa Blanca regions.

EREN is an organisation of real estate companies selected for their experience and knowledge in selling the most exclusive properties and their demonstrated commitment and dedication to the client. The Network has at its disposal 45 offices and 300 employees in 10 European countries.

The magazine has a wide international reach and perfectly reflects, from the cover until the last page, EREN’s affiliates attitude and philosophy: excellence in real estate services.

As you know, as well as being a key reference of the higher-end luxury real estate market, Villae International also offers interesting articles of places, events and important personalities of the social and economic environment all over Europe.

In Villae International you’ll find interesting articles ranging from lifestyles and fascinating people to significant sports events, covering also issues such as art, culture, design, decoration, places and basically all the good things in life.

You can freely read Villae International Magazine online version.


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