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Friday, January 5th, 2018

5 luxury gift ideas for The Three Kings

Exclusiveness is a way of life, which should not be forgotten when buying presents for others. Here are a few suggestions to end the Christmas holidays with sophistication.


If you are someone who values the more exclusive lifestyle, if you are one of those who does not settle for anything less than the best, if you always look for the most special thing, you are more likely to be in trouble when buying a Christmas gift. Especially now as the Three Kings Day (6th January) is approaching and it is time to materialise love. As well as the process of buying a luxury property, is based on necessity and trust, the choice of luxury items to please your loved ones requires a slightly more ambitious and secure search. Rimontgó wants to help you at this stage of your life, and we have made a selection of high quality items. Take some time to decide and listen to your intuition to ensure success.

Spanish wines present in the EEUU

 The prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator includes up to 9 Spanish wines in its list of the top 100 from 2017, that represent the quality of the companies. The best considered wine was ‘Volver’ (2015), from Bodegas Tarima Hill Old Vines, that can be found in Alicante. It is in the 17th place and the experts highlighted its grace and depth, but above all its harmony on account of cherry and plum flavours, the minerals and fumes that mix harmoniously with the tannins. There is no better present to give to wine lovers and to the cultivation. A red wine produced from the Monastrell grape, characteristic from the Designation of Origin of Alicante which has produced 10,000 boxes. The sale price is around 20 euros, depending on the distributor.

Time control

Jaeger-WatchThose who value their time, also value its measurement, consequently they deserve a high quality watch. The prestigious company Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a design in collaboration with Casa Fagliano, the renowned Argentinian bootmaker. The Reverso Tribute Duoface is a limited edition of 100 pieces, with an elegant and sophisticated design, underpinned by the rose gold case and the contrast between the two watch faces. In any case, it is the perfect gift due to its exclusivity and handcrafted piece, that integrates the values of the two brands that are responsible for its manufacture, both passionate about the quality of the products and the pursuit of perfection.

A futuristic bathFuture-bathtub

Houses are retreats to escape everything else in life, therefore you should love them and take care of them. Among all the designer objects that can improve the interior design of a home, don’t neglect the layout of the bathrooms, those rooms where we soak under water after exhausting days. This is well known by Porcelanosa, a Valencian brand with international fame that has conceived high quality and beautiful  ceramic  pieces  among them the Future bathtub. Why don’t you pamper yourself with one of these beautiful gems? It boasts an asymmetrical shape that breaks the moulds and improves the look of any bathroom, it is available in various finishes and materials, from the classic white to the moca cream limestone. A perfect design for those who are ahead of their time and require a home at the same level.

A camper van for trip lovers


The legendary Volkswagen California camper van from the fifties has come back, but it has been improved. Those who worship myths and still like adventures, can acquire this van from the Transporter range, which principal characteristic is the incorporation of an elevating roof that boasts a bedroom for up to four people. That said, the rest of its features are equally impressive. Under the bonnet, you will find a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox DSG and a motor engine of 204hp; the interior has elegant fittings, deluxe lighting and flooring that mimics wood; not to mention the technical interaction thanks to the App Connect system. From 50,000 euros, it is possible to devour kilometers and conquer the most inscrutable destinations.

Christie’s art


The most prestigious auction house in the world, founded in London in 1766, does not give up in its search for unique pieces in the world. Therefore, if you want to give a great gift, bid. Nothing can be more exclusive than paintings and the luxury items offered by Christie’s, even though the prices are sky high. The auction calendar for the new year is already set, and starts with the sale of Asian pieces of artwork and antique American furniture, on the 18th and 19th of January in New York. It should be mentioned that one of the latest company events, which revolved around the sale of the 254 most expensive bags in the world, among them a Hermes Diamond Birkind was valued at 90,000 euros. With these figures in mind, bidding is not the most economical, but admittedly you will be able to gift the most special present in all of history.


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