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Since 1959

The roots of our company began in the beautiful Mediterranean locality of Jávea, in the Alicantinian Costa Blanca. In 1959, carrying on the commercial family tradition, José Ribes Bas Senior and his brother, José Ribes Buigues, founded the company that today is internationally renowned for its reputation and track record in the luxury real estate property sector.

During the middle of the 20th century, in the 60’s, a decade of booming economic development in Spain, the Ribes' generation anticipated the arrival of tourism on the Costa Blanca and from the recently created firm, the first land purchase operations were carried out, as well as property constructions for tourists. For Rimontgó, it signified a period of sustainable growth, with regard to the acquisition of plots of land, the building of new villas and real estate developments. The company's prestige increased exponentially among national and international clients thanks to the knowledge of the market, the honesty and integrity in business handling, the quality of the product and the service and attention provided for the client, all of which are the three characteristics engraved in the DNA of Rimontgó and which continue to be exercised to this day within the team that makes up the real estate agency.

Another notable aspect of Rimontgó is its capacity to expand into new markets. A perfect example can be found in the early 70's, when José Ribes Buigues, at the steering wheel of a Seat 850, had no doubts before starting his 3000km journey to Sweden, accompanied by his friends – a married couple from the Nordic country. His objective: to convince the Scandinavian citizens of the virtues of the Costa Blanca. It was well worth it, and making use of the only media available at the time, some photos and some plans, José Ribes returned to Jávea with several signed contracts in the glove compartment of the Seat.

This ambition to internationalise increased in the 80's, when a new generation of Ribes (the brothers Antonio, José and Eduardo), with extensive, specialised training done abroad, joined Rimontgó. Since the 1990's, Rimontgó's presence in the international, luxury real estate market remains rooted and is expanding thanks to strategic alliances with industry giants such as Sotheby's initially and, later on, Christie's – of which Rimontgó is its exclusive affiliate in mainland Spain and member of its International Advisory Board. Today, the expansion continues and Rimontgó's name appears associated to other large international entities in the industry like Luxury Portfolio, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and, in particular, the European-wide network EREN (European Real Estate Network), of which Rimontgó is a founding member since 2004.

Book published by Rimontgó in celebration of its 50th anniversary

Currently, Rimontgó is a company made up of thirty people with offices in Valencia and Jávea, sticking to its local roots in the daily work at an international level. As for its market dominance, with its ethical compromise and excellence with customers we must also add the internationally recognised, technological boost with awards such as The Most Influential Global Real Estate Leader Award (2007) and several worldwide awards for the best web site in the real estate sector.

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