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You want to put your home up for sale and would like to do it with trust and security.
At Rimontgó, we have a network of international clients that fully rely on our discretion.

For us, each property is a personal project that we handle with the utmost care, with the aim of offering an integral service.

Put up for sale. No one better than you knows the values of your own property. Can you imagine being able to broadcast those sensations to all possible buyers? At Rimontgó we offer you various options for presenting your property as the personal questionnaire collects these little, yet important things that are more often than not, determining factors.

Security and trust. There is no better guarantee than the satisfaction of those who we have already worked with and our web site harbours their opinions. Also we could cite some of the numerous prizes and international recognitions which we have received, however we feel that it is probably better for you to get to know us yourself and form your own opinion.

Rimontgó. Founded in 1959, Rimontgó is a family company run by the brothers José and Antonio Ribes Bas, who maintain traditional conduct and service standards, combined with the most modern approach. Being experts in the luxury real estate market on the east of Spain, Rimontgó also collaborates closely with internationally renowned agents in various parts of the globe, offering an exclusive selection of distinguished homes in Spain, Europe, North America and many other locations.

International clients. In order to be a global leader, you have to stand out from the crowd. Our presence in the east of Spain is more than consolidated, which, uniting our international vocation, has put us in the spotlight of a vast sector of clients all over the world that are looking for the security knowing that they can rely on a prestigious intermediary.

Our approach. We know what we like and what we put into place for our clients. The selection of properties that we produce is the foundation on which our whole project is supported. At this point, there is no place for false modesty: we only make available the very best selection of properties on the market.

Personal project. From the moment you contact Rimontgó you are important to us. We want to accompany you throughout the entire process in a proactive manner and give you more than what you ask for, exceeding your requirements. A pioneering way of working in a sector, whose objective is clear: to overcome your expectations.

Integral service. Detailed report about the area in which you want to live, with details about light and orientation, distribution proposals, lifestyle articles focused on your interests, study of feng shui, real testimonies from neighbours and buyers and all that you would need. Let us surprise you.

Please send us your proposal with the following form and we will be able to get in contact with you.

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