More than 70 Wineries and vineyards for sale

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Fantastic estate of 100 hectares plus 5 ha of vineyards, situated in the North West of Granada.

1,000,000 €
RMG V199
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Small winery with five hectares of vineyards and a restored wine cellar situated in a village in Ribera del Duero.

1,610,000 €
RMG V2640
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Outstanding property with cava winery and vines in DO La Mancha.

14,850,000 €
RMG V2768
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Winery in the La Mancha area specialises in high expression wines, originating from Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varieties with also 4ha. of...

1,500,000 €
RMG V2870
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Property with 10 hectares of different varieties of vineyards with designation of origin, an equipped winery with storage space and a wine cellar used as a...

1,600,000 €
RMG V2898
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Organic, medium sized winery with 10 hectares of vineyard in the most touristic area of Navarra.

1,200,000 €
RMG V2997
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Organic winery start-up on 30 hectares of land and various buildings situated in Andalusia, 30-40 minutes from the beach.

999,000 €
RMG V3105
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Winery on 20 hectares of land surrounded by its own wooded area in the Designation of Origin Catalonia.

2,000,000 €
RMG V3116
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75 hectare property with vines and olive trees in the Catalonia community.

1,930,000 €
RMG V3198
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Organic winery with 5 hectares of vines situated in a unique location.

1,050,000 €
RMG V3230
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Medium-size winery for albariño variety en Rias Baixas.

2,800,000 €
RMG V3360
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Traditional winery with organic production for sale located in the Designation of Origin Montsant.

1,720,000 €
RMG V3385
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