More than 70 Wineries and vineyards for sale

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Winery for the production of large volumes of wine in DO La Mancha.

2,000,000 €
RMG V2776
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Luxury wine resort with 12 bedrooms and a spectacular spa, located in a country house surrounded by vineyards.

16,000,000 €
RMG V200
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Winery with a large production capacity in the la Mancha region.

4,500,000 €
RMG V3233
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Medium size family-owned winery with 30 hectares of vineyards of Mediterranean and French varieties, located in Murcia.

6,300,000 €
RMG V2618
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Winery and estate with 1,000ha and hunting reserve.

14,500,000 €
RMG V3391
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New winery with high production capacity and the latest technologies on Valencian land.

1,800,000 €
RMG V3042
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Winery with 60ha plus hotel and restaurant located in an exceptional enclave in the province of Murcia.

7,500,000 €
RMG V3392
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Winery with 12 hectares of different variety vineyards and a large production capacity, close to Toledo and Madrid.

2,150,000 €
RMG V2903
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Small functional winery in a valley surrounded by vineyards in Murcia.

3,600,000 €
RMG V2631
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Medium-sized winery with a plot of land of almost 10,000m² and a large production capacity, located in Ribera del Duero.

1,600,000 €
RMG V2779
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Property with a winery, a farmhouse, an independent apartment and a house for the caretaker, in an unbeatable location in Seville.

2,500,000 €
RMG V2854
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