70 Wineries and vineyards for sale

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Galician winery with large production of white wine beside the most significant wineries in the area.

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RMG V3114
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Spectacular property with vineyards in the middle of a natural landscape in the Valencian region of Fontanars dels Alforins.

2,500,000 €
RMG V3165
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Traditional style property in a green environment in DO Utiel-Requena area.

3,000,000 €
RMG V3166
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18 hectare property located in the Utiel-Requena designation of origin.

500,000 €
RMG V3196
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Winery with views of the vineyard and a country house, situated in the centre of the Priorat region in Catalonia.

620,000 €
RMG V3215
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Winery with a large production capacity in the la Mancha region.

4,500,000 €
RMG V3233
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Winery with high capacity of wine production located in the DO Valencia

5,100,000 €
RMG V3288
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Winery and estate with 1,000ha and hunting reserve.

14,500,000 €
RMG V3391
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Winery with 60ha plus hotel and restaurant located in an exceptional enclave in the province of Murcia.

7,500,000 €
RMG V3392
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RMG V4008
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