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  • D.O. year of foundation

    D.O. year of foundation:


  • Number of wineries (2017)

    Number of wineries (2017):


  • Total surface area

    Total surface area:


  • Maximum production allowed

    Maximum production allowed:


  • Altitude of the vineyards

    Altitude of the vineyards:

    Min: 700m / Max: 900m

  • Temperature


    Max: 40º / Min: -3º

  • Yearly hours of sun

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  • Yearly rainfall

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DO Ribeira Sacra


The vineyards, which follow the course of the river Minho towards the south and the river Sil to the west, make up the Designation of Origin Ribeira Sacra, which obtained recognition in 1996. The area curves in an S-shape across the provinces of Lugo to the north and Ourense to the south. In turn, it is divided into five subzones: Chantada, which covers the north section of the Minho; Amandi, taking the Monforte de Lemos section; Ribeiras do Miño, south of Minho; and Ribeiras do Sil and Quiroga-Bibei, both situated in the east territories.


Although each subzone has a different microclimate, the soils generally tend to be alluvial on a rocky bed of slate. The high acidity is common in every cultivation area, due to the impact of the flow of the rivers. There is some granite residue in the extreme south.


The climate here is more continental than Atlantic, with long summers and warm autumns. However, there is enough rainfall (800mm) to maintain the characteristic green landscape. The Minho subzones enjoy more rainfall, (900mm) than those of Sil (700mm).


Ribeira Sacra is a very artisanal area where the native grape predominates. The most important varieties are Godello, Albariño and Treixadura for white wines, and Mencía, Brancellao and Merenzao for red wines. The rugged valleys of the rivers have spectacular vineyards but are difficult to work. The plots are almost impossible to mechanize, so access is from paths, even from the rivers, which results in low grape yields with magnificent, concentrated flavors. Overall, it is a Designation of Origin with very special wines and rare to find in the market.

Approved by the D.O. Ribeira Sacra for Rimontgó

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