D.O. Toro, Zamora

Group of wineries in different Spanish winemaking regions for investment.

Group of vintage wineries, present in various denominations of origin, with 500 hectares of vineyards for producing white, red and rosé wine.

33,000,000 €
36,224,100 $
28,153,950 £
35,026,200 CHF
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The journey of this group of wineries, the property of a pioneering family in the world of wine that has known how to invest in Spain's winemaking sector, started at the start of the 1900's in the lands of Castile. The group started to expand a few decades ago, creating wineries in various denominations of origin in Castile and Leon, becoming owners of more than 500 hectares of vineyards. Nowadays they have a very diverse wine portfolio, with corpulent red wines and other finer and elegant white and rosé wine.

The lands of Castile have always provided great wines. Christopher Colombus brought a shipment of Toro wine to America on his boat La Pinta, as it was the Spanish wine that best supported the long transoceanic voyages. It is also one of the few European regions where there wasn't the phylloxera plague, and for this reason its wines were dispatched throughout Europe to supply those regions that were left without their grapevines. Finally, it was in the nineties when the commitment of Spanish oenologists and winemakers of these vineyards and Toro wines were praised by the wine critic Robert Parker.

Within close proximity to Toro there is the winemaking region of Rueda, a town well-known for their Verdejo white wines. Rueda's white wines, along with its Albariño wine, are probably Spain's most international white wines.

Ribera del Duero is a wine sanctuary in Spain, a leading region in quality wines, along with La Rioja, and the birthplace of great wines, amongst those, Spain's most well-known. This region celebrates very balanced, smooth, elegant wines with body. DO Ribera del Duero is where the tempranillo grape, also well-known in other regions as Tinto Fino or Tinta del País, is best expressed, thanks to the long winters and hard Castilian plateau and hot summers typical of its continental climate. Its altitude plays a fundamental role in acheiving this temperature variation between day and night, which is as important for acheiving quality grapes with large range of flavourings.

This group sits in these regions, with many years of experience and consolidated wineries with fermentation buildings as well as rooms of perfectly organised casks, boasting an important international presence in five continents.


  • Total area:

    500 ha

  • Winery area:

    3,000 m2

  • Maximum production capacity:

    5,000,000 l

  • Planted vineyard:


  • Vineyard area:

    500 ha

  • Grape varieties:


  • Type of driving:


  • Type of driving:


Climate characteristics

  • Altitude of vineyards:

    Min 650 m Max: 825 m

  • Temperature:

    Max: 40°C Min: -10°C

  • Hours of sunshine per year:

    2,800 h

  • Annual rainfall:

    350 l/m2